Actual question: "How to treat falling hair?"

Experts say that the condition of the hair is largely due to genetics.However, note that the right care can improve the appearance of fine and lackluster locks.Unfortunately, there are rare cases when initially thick head of hair begins to thin.How to treat hair falling out?For maximum effect, first of all, you must determine the reason that prompted them to excessive loss.

Which diseases hair fall

only exception, when the hair thins, and it is considered a normal physiological process, is during pregnancy and lactation.Of course, at this time we need to strengthen hair care, but the situation should not cause much concern.

In other cases it is necessary to understand the reasons why you have hair fall out.What to do?Testimonials of this symptom often disappointing.This situation may indicate a serious illness.

So, if your hair is in a large number remain in the comb, pass inspection, to eliminate such diseases:

  1. autoimmune diseases.
  2. latent infections.
  3. thyroid disease.
  4. gastrointestinal disease.
  5. cancer.

If within the body is OK, you can visit trihologa.Often the cause of the disease is literally located on the surface of the skin and scalp.How to treat falling hair in a similar situation, consult your doctor.

addition to common diseases and infections, the condition of hairstyles affect the psychological state of the person.It's no secret that after stressful or transferred as depressions observed hair loss.Besides their role bad environment, improper care and frequent exposure to chemicals (dye, perms, gels, shampoos).

So, whatever the cause of the loss of density of hair, remember that in most cases the situation can be corrected.How to treat falling hair, if you do not detect the disease that can not be self-medication?

First of all, pay attention to a balanced diet and daily routine.Propyl some vitamin course.Today it is easy to decide on its choice, as pharmaceutical companies have taken care of us, releasing special preparations.They provide hair with all necessary materials.

Traditional recipes collected a centuries-old experience of our ancestors.Therefore, they can be safely recommended for use.Especially since they almost never cause harm to the body.How to treat hair falling out on their own?Try to make a mask from the bow.It is easy to prepare, but the effect will be noticeable after a few weeks of use.The juice of one onion (medium size), rub into the roots of the hair, wear a hat and wrap bannuyu towel.After half an hour you can wash off the mask with warm water without using shampoo.Carrying out such procedures on a daily basis can help even with a significant loss of scalp.