A small island of tranquility in a large metropolis

SPA - at first glance, only three letters of the alphabet, but it is this combination creates in our mind pleasant images.This abbreviation is associated with us with something salutary, relaxing, that will at least for a while forget about the bustle of the city and everyday life.

SPA is not a new trend.For centuries, people used these or other procedures that provided a relaxing and rejuvenating effect.For example, in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, were popular procedures such as mud and mineral baths, in Finland for relaxation and healing come up with a sauna and Turkish - hammam, and so on.

idea to combine all of these procedures the Americans came, opened the first hotel in Manhattan, equipped with the necessary amenities and combine numerous relaxing treatments of different nations.This hotel has received the name «GoldenDoorSpa», for the first time offered the first individual weight loss program.

few decades later began to spread health spa - spas, whose direction, has become the treatment of the whole organism.Today, the term refers to the establishment of spa luxury, which helps a person look better and feel better, to solve some health problems, or simply relax and unwind, feel the unity of body and soul.

Despite the fact that the first SPA otelpoyavilsya in Russia (namely in Moscow) in the late nineties, the direction of the SPA is still a matter of pioneers and enthusiasts.Today in Moscow there are many companies offering spa services for people with different levels of income and lifestyle.Finally, residents of the northern capital, and waited for the opening in our city of the spa resort.

now to visit any spa treatments or even a complex, do not need to fly thousands of kilometers away, just dial the phone number, and indicate a convenient time for you.The spa "Alpha" presents all the most popular procedures.

Hawaiian massage, Himalayan sauna, jacuzzi, ascending shower, infrared sauna and cryo and many other popular spa treatments.Alfa SPA - is a small island of pleasure in our big and busy city.The atmosphere of tranquility and harmony that prevails here will help you relax and plunge into the world of peace and harmony.For good reason SPA salon "Alfa" was honored to be nominated for the European Award in the field of beauty and health «AURORA».


Saint Petersburg, Leninsky Prospect, 84, k.1

Phone: (812) 685-00-60