International Fashion Week: 10 interesting facts about

New York, London, Milan and Paris - these remarkable city today known any self-respecting fashionista.Four famous capital in our time become more and World Fashion Centre, it is in these cities regularly hosts major international fashion week.

the eve of Fashion Week February 2014 in New York City, we offer you a selection of interesting facts from the history of fashion weeks - a true celebration of fashion and business, creativity and arts.

So, 10 interesting facts from the history of international fashion weeks :

1. The first week of fashion in the world was held in New York in 1943.

2. New York Fashion Week is not canceled even in 1999, when the city of Hurricane.

3. Each year about 200,000 people visit New York Fashion Week, leaving it about $ 400 million.

4. Each year, about 2000-3000 media apply for every fashion week.Participation in one week does not guarantee getting there next year

5. Fashion Week was even a marriage proposal: on one of the fashion show came to the podium with a sign reading "Will you marry me?".

5. Use of natural fur at Fashion Week is not always safe.Even Donna Karan was attacked civil society activists, after which the designer has promised to stop using fur in fashion shows.

7. As part of the official New York Fashion Week for several years held screenings of three finalists for each season of the American show "Project Runway."

8. Some famous designers ustroivayut online broadcast their shows.For example, BCBG Max Azria, Derek Lam, DKNY and Michael Kors.

9. Every year, it takes about 40 weeks of events in different cities around the world.But the "big four" - is New York, London, Milan and Paris.Fashion lower level are held in countries such as Pakistan and Iran.

10. Each city of the "big four" making a bias for a certain style of New York is often sports fashion, London loves a sharp style and avant-garde design, Milan - is excessive, but stylish images and Paris - haute couture outfits.

The next articles we will tell you more about the New York Fashion Week, its past and present.

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