Process control with the designation of its main functions

Process control is ensured by the implementation of the four conditions are closely interrelated.It is planning, organization, motivation and control.

So, with the implementation of planning functions to solve problems that define the objectives of the entity and the procedure for the actions of its employees to achieve these goals.Planning as a function aimed at process management must cover three main aspects:

- Assessment of the heads of the various parties Organization (strengths and weaknesses) in areas such as marketing, finance, production, human resources and research.All activities must be guided by the reality of achieving the objectives of the organization.

- In assessing the opportunities and threats of the organization in the form of competition explores the solvency of customers, current legislation, economic conditions and political factors.

- Adoption of the head of the solution to a specific distribution of responsibilities between the employees of the company to achieve its goals.

implementing process control, the head tends to determine the main directions of effort with a view to deciding on ensuring implementation of the goals of all the members of the entity.In other words, planning is one of the ways in which management provides a unified course of action of members of the organization in question.

In considering such a function of the process control, as an organization, it is necessary to clarify the following.Organize - it means to create some structure.It may be noted the existence of a large number of elements to be structuring for optimum performance of the tasks and organization to achieve its goal.The elements of the organization is considered to be the work and people.

Business process management is impossible without motivation.In other words, even with well-drawn plans and the most perfect structure of the organization it all becomes meaningless in the absence of the actual performance of work.Therefore, the main task of motivation is the performance by members of the organization of work, based on their delegated responsibilities and in accordance with the approved plan.

And, of course, process management is not considered in its entirety without examining such functions as the control exercised by the company.Management plans to achieve the goal on a specific day, month or year.To avoid some of the risks of adverse events and the head of a business entity shall promptly notify them and take appropriate action.The causes of these risks can be factors: the refusal of employees to carry out the planned activities, changes in legislation or the emergence of a strong competitor in the market, greatly complicates the implementation of the goals.