How to prepare your own beverage tarragon

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before a drink "Tarragon" at home, be sure to buy fresh tarragon plant called.It can be found in vegetable shops, and own garden.It should also be noted that the tarragon leaves are used not only for making a refreshing summer drink, but also as a condiment for salads, meat, fish, vegetables and other dishes.

"Tarragon": drink recipe and its features

self-catering "Tarragon" has many advantages over those produced by private entrepreneurs and poured into plastic or glass bottles.First, such a drink is much more useful, since it only made from fresh herbs tarragon and does not contain any dyes or other additives.Secondly, "Tarragon" homemade is much tastier, because it can be made to your liking, adding less or more sugar.Third, this beverage is done quickly, easily and in any quantity.

drink of tarragon and the necessary ingredients for its preparation

We need:

  • plant fresh tarragon - 1 big bunch;
  • Lime - 3-4 pcs .;
  • lemon - 1-2 pcs .;
  • cooled boiling water - 1.4 liters;
  • crushed ice - on request;
  • sugar - 8 large spoonfuls.

Preparing basic ingredients

of tarragon drink should only be done after all of the products will be thoroughly cleaned and treated as needed.This requires one to take a big bunch of fresh tarragon plants and rinse it well under cool jet.After that, you must also wash the lime 3-4 and 1-2 pieces of ripe lemon.

processing of aromatic plants and fruit

drink of tarragon recommended using a blender.To do this, the device should be in a bowl chop or break your hands just a big bunch tarragon, and then add the lime juice, lemon, half a glass tumbler of boiling water and cooled 1 large spoon full of sugar.Further ingredients required to whip at high speed using the blender.

final stage in the preparation

resulting green mass with the scent of lemon and lime must be put in a strainer or cheesecloth, and then press it into the bowl or jar.As a result, you should have a concentrated sweet and sour juice that should be diluted by means of cooled boiled water in a ratio of 1 to 4. Thereafter, the beverage preparation is necessary to pour the quantity of sugar that you see fit.

correct Serve

Ready beverage tarragon should pour into bottles or jars, then put in the refrigerator compartment.After a few hours of fragrant and sweet liquid should cool slightly.After this delicious drink is recommended to pour into tall glasses, in which you need to add a couple of ice cubes.Also, the edge of glass can be beautifully decorate pieces of lime or lemon.

Helpful Hint

self-catering "Tarragon" can be done not only from cooled boiled water, but also to use as a basis for sparkling mineral water.