How to insulate a wall in the apartment from inside and outside?

Today, the choice of housing is the primary criterion for comfort.Modern building technologies allow to erect buildings with energy-saving elements.This indicates that the insulation in such constructions is rather high level.Today, however, not all residential buildings have such qualities.This is due to the fact that new technologies have been used a little more than a decade ago.To ensure a comfortable stay the owners decide to insulate the walls with his own hands.Then we shall understand, what the process is.The article will explain better insulate the walls of the house.


Almost all experts agree that if there is a question: "insulate the walls of the apartment from the inside or from the outside?", It is better to give preference to the second option.If the room is above the 3rd floor, but still, in addition to that corner, you have to use the first method.It should be noted here that if the warm walls of the apartment from the inside, then immediately reduce the usable space.This is due to the fact that the insulating layer has a particular thickness, and therefore occupies some space.In addition, few know how to insulate a wall in the apartment.It must be remembered, and that it still needs to be finished.As the cladding, for example, can be used:

  • plaster.
  • Decorative panels.
  • Plasterboard sheets.
  • tile and more.

Troubleshooting insulation

internal insulation of apartment has a number of drawbacks.Of great importance in this case is the outside temperature.For example, at -18 ° C notes freezing of concrete surfaces.Gradually, the frost begins to affect the insulation.This significantly reduces its performance characteristics and physical characteristics.As a result, the whole insulation system ceases to function effectively.At a temperature of 0 to ten between the insulation and the wall will collect condensation.It is also very negatively affects the quality of the insulation.These problems can be avoided.Then we look at how to properly insulate the walls.

Key recommendations to achieve the efficiency of the entire insulation system is necessary to follow some basic rules.The first step is to create a quality vapor barrier.It will prevent the accumulation of condensation in the gaps between the insulation and walls.Another prerequisite for reliable isolation is to create high-quality ventilation.It will facilitate the removal of the moist air space, at least a portion thereof.In case of insufficient ventilation in the corners will collect condensation.Later on these sites will appear fungus and mold.In the same room would be stuffy and humid.

choice of material: the basics

Many owners of premises to carry out the work themselves decide, without consulting with experts.However, many understandably trying to save money and choose the cheapest materials.In addition, not everyone knows how to properly insulate the walls, so the work is not carried out on the technology.This leads to numerous errors.Before you insulate a wall in the apartment, you should find out some details, directly related to the materials.All insulation is divided into groups.Each of them corresponds to a particular material from which the building is erected.For example, to use a brick wall insulation, which can not be laid on concrete.Here you can see an example of the use of materials for different surfaces.For brick wall perfect foamed polystyrene.This material has excellent performance characteristics and physical characteristics.For a concrete wall is more suitable extruded polystyrene.He is also an excellent insulation.For concrete surfaces, and any other suitable material on one side of which has a vapor barrier layer.For example, it may act as a foil.Vapor barrier layer must be on the inside.

most common types of insulation

On the market today is a fairly wide range of materials.Most of them comply with the latest requirements of isolation.Insulate the wall outside the apartment can be many materials.But for device isolation in the room are not so many options.Actually, many materials can be used both inside and outside the building.The most common are the following:

  • mineral wool.
  • foam.
  • Warm plaster.

How to insulate a brick wall?

There are expensive and cheap materials.Among the available should be allocated foam.This material perfectly combines quality and relatively low cost.Wondering how to insulate a wall in the apartment?First, it is necessary to plaster.After the solution has dried, the surface must be leveled.For these purposes the filler.It can be laid in a single layer.Once it is dry, before the foam as a warm wall, it is necessary to arrange a waterproofing layer.It is necessary to prevent the accumulation of condensation on the insulation thickness.Despite the fact that the foam has a water resistance over time at a constant stay in a humid environment, it may start to rot.Waterproofing layer will prevent this phenomenon.Before the foam to insulate the walls, it is necessary to prepare a solution for fixing it on the surface.As a general rule, use a special glue mixture.The solution is applied to the wall.After that, the plate material is placed back to back.It is necessary to ensure that between the elements there are no gaps.If the insulation is placed inside the premises, the final stage of the device is a vapor barrier.

Mineral wool

Many owners of premises are interested, better insulate the wall outside?A good option is foam.However, some experts recommend the use of mineral wool.Although the installation is more difficult, according to some masters, such isolation of better quality.Mineral wool is also used for insulation inside.However, some experts do not recommend grout surface during installation of the material.Next, take a closer look as to insulate the wall in the apartment with mineral wool.

Technology laying

Now we need to tell you how warm the apartment wall with mineral wool.To do this, you must build a crate.It consists of rods, packed on the surface vertically.Elements necessarily need to put in the level.The space is laid mezhreechnoe waterproofing.It attaches directly to the rails.You can then install and very isolated.To prevent "thermal bridges" fabric or mineral wool boards are mounted back to back.Mineral wool should become tight, there should be no gaps.Typically, to facilitate the work rack packed with a pitch slightly smaller than the width of the roll or plate.The final stage of the internal insulation of the room is a vapor barrier installation.This material was again fixed on the rails.If it was decided not to plaster surface, mineral wool is better put in two layers.So insulation is better.


This method of insulation is used for a long time.In many residential areas plaster is used as insulation and today, in spite of quite a number of more modern materials.The advantage of using the mixture can be regarded as an elaborate detail technology installation.If you select this option, you should know some of the nuances.

Features of application,

First of all you must remember that warm the plaster is applied in three layers.The first step is obryzg.In this case, the wall surface is applied to the liquid solution.This is to ensure that the mixture to fill all cracks and crevices.Throwing by the solution on the wall should be carried out evenly and firmly.A layer of scratch coat should be 5-10 mm thick.The second step is priming.If we evaluate the layers of importance in terms of thermal insulation, it is considered the main ground.Its thickness - 50-60 mm.The soil should be applied in 2-3 layers.Each of them must be 20-30 mm thick.Such an application method is used to prevent delamination from the surface of soil under its own weight.The third and final step is the finish coat.Actually, it can be called finishing.The thickness of this layer is 3-5 mm.It is necessary for the full alignment of the wall.The mixture is simply rubbed into the wall and provide a smooth surface.

insulation concrete base

above are options for insulation brick walls.But today most of the buildings constructed of concrete.The better insulate the outside walls in this case?Actually, the material used is the same as described above.The technology of arrangement of insulation also a little different.However, saying that the better warm house walls made of concrete, experts recommend to give preference to polystyrene foam.This material is more suitable for such surface than, for example, mineral wool.If you choose foam must first be putty surface.Preferably in the two layers.The wall should be as smooth.All the obvious differences should be removed.Then, on a dry layer of putty is applied primer.It will increase the grip surface waterproofing.All other steps are similar to those for the brick wall.Instead of mineral wool can be used more modern materials with enhanced performance characteristics.These include, for example, include the cork panel.They are perfect for warming the room inside.However, they have a significant drawback - the high cost.If the mineral wool insulation is used, it is recommended to be laid in three layers.Mount Technology material is already described above.In general warming of the dwelling is not accompanied by particular difficulties.Particular attention should, however, be given to steam and water proofing.