Autumn weekend: How to entertain and be entertained by the child?

only thing your child wants in their free days, so you do not let him get bored.And this is exactly the case when the parents can and should go on about their children.However, there are lessons that will please not only the child, but also you.Here are some of the most interesting ...

merry art

Yet no parent to give up the desire to open his creative flair Chad!The main thing is not to approach this question too seriously.Bring the creative element of fun and games.If you have a huge drawing paper (or canvas) and paint, add to the set of packaging film with bursting balls (kids love it!).From it you can make a semblance of mittens.Wear gloves, dip your hands in the paint and draw a picture of an unusual technique - it can be an abstraction in the style of pop art, and portrait in impressionistic style.A few hours later by the sound of laughter bursting bubbles, you will see an interesting web which would be pleased to present beloved grandmother.

Extreme education

Your child will sooner or later try yourself in any extreme sport.Therefore it is better if he would do it with you.Arrange a surprise for him - hire a professional trainer who will give a private lesson for both of you.You can dedicate a weekend to to discover the unknown and try inline skating, skateboarding or biking.Participate in all extreme adventures on a par with their child.Collaborative learning active sports beautifully and from a psychological point of view - an experience you will unite and make more friends!

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Frisbee golf

Well, as without moving outdoor games ?!Home lifesaver in this genre - a flying saucer called Frisbee.If you just throw it to each other you already bored, complicate the task and play Frisbee golf.To do this, just need two buckets (such that they fit into the plate).The player's task - to beat off the supply frisbee so that the plate hit the bucket close to the player.For each hit the player is awarded 3 points.Account is up to 21. In general, a frisbee golf course many variations - there are even companies that sell special buckets for games with more complex rules.

Every year this game is becoming more popular.Its only side effects (like most action games) - is almost inevitable falls and scrapes.Therefore, in addition to frisbee, be sure to take with you on the nature of the remedy in this case.For example, cream Bepanten Plus from the company Bayer, which has antiseptic and regenerative effect on small wounds.

contained in its composition cream antiseptic - chlorhexidine acts against bacteria entering the skin as a result of wound contamination and dexpanthenol quickly heals damaged skin.The tool helps the casual troubles do not spoil the mood you or your child.

Small travel

sure this fall on a weekend bicycle trip offer a child.This could be a trip to the picnic area of ​​the park, and perhaps more difficult route.The main thing is to calculate the time on the road - based respite and contingencies.Such a journey - a great way to teach a child to independence - on his bike he would have to take care of yourself.

you, by the way, during road calls, will be able to learn a lot about the character and thoughts of his child - his hands and feet will be busy running the bike, so no tablet, mobile phone or TV can not prevent confidential conversation.

Any activity certainly will help you make friends with your child and learn more about what it is really like to do.Be able to hear - your child without any tests and psychological advice to tell about themselves and hint at what a circle or a section of it may be taken in the school year.