What is business ethics

During the existence of mankind were certain rules of behavior by which people are social creatures, trying to establish interpersonal relationships.Whatever it may seem ridiculous to someone with ethical requirements and without them the world would be mired in chaos.And increasingly it concerns the rules of business relations.The area consists of a set of business relations and the complex relationship: the employer-worker, employee-employee buyer-seller ... Such schemes of communication and the different roles that people perform in society, a lot.A code of conduct clearly define where and what you can say or do not pass for human minded and rude.

What is business ethics

the developing world, new companies, expanding trade markets.When it comes to partnership, comes to the aid of business ethics.Culture of different countries are different, but the rules of conduct in business trying to do overall.For example, the inviolable creed of any entrepreneur, "the customer is always right" - the basis for successful conduct of the case.Indeed, in the face of fierce competition it is rude to customers for goods and services has negative consequences.

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norms and rules of behavior are gradually changing.If earlier the man had to open the door before the woman and pass it forward, in recent times, when the ladies became full member areas of business, to do so it was optional.But despite the changes to be aware of ethical standards is required every self-respecting businessman.First and foremost, this rule applies to international relations.The higher the level of negotiations, the more attention paid to the study of etiquette.If the rules of conduct in international business can be reduced to a few general rules, the Summit held in strict observance of ceremonies.

Affære urge their members to the clarity and brevity, the inviolability of the word, literacy speech, respect for the law or the principles of others in the normative language and clothes.High level negotiations require a clear knowledge, such as the rules of the welcome to the presentation of participants to each other, the appropriateness of gifts and souvenirs.

creating his own company, the head thinks not only scheme of its activities, but created a code of ethics by which the new company will carry weight.In this case, business ethics service relationship affects the entire enterprise.For example, is the head of the so-called policy of non-intervention: just think about their own position, not trusting employees, not allowing them to interfere in the affairs of the enterprise.Productivity of labor in this team will be very low, because there is no sense of community interests.There is another principle of the business relationship - a team.In this case, the head will do its utmost to combine business interests with the needs of a particular person, there will be neither too severe nor too lenient.In such a team, every employee will strictly adhere to the most ethical standards, developed by the company.Punctual, precise execution of instructions in the order of business papers, a dress code - it will all be taken into account.The head does not have to be ashamed of your company or to customers or to our partners.The basic concepts of ethics should know.

any person, not even busy in business, you need to know what the rules includes business ethics.Do I have to knock on the door, stepping into a public institution, to call each other "you" or "you", came to work for him, to whom, great, is to shake hands, but for someone you just verbal greeting.Ignorance of these rules sometimes makes people narrow-minded and ridiculous, and in certain cases even hinder work of other participants in the business relationship.

Among the components of the success of the company are always present: the moral quality and prestige of the company's employees.No need to explain how these components are interconnected, when one can not be without the other, and all together is unthinkable without the third - strict compliance with business ethics.