Termination of the tenancy agreement: highlights

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apartment owner, blowing to her tenants are not always sure of their integrity and accuracy.And if the neighbors are constantly complaining about the noise, and guests break the expensive furniture, other options besides termination of the lease, the owner of the property remains.

worth noting that the premature termination of the lease and are sometimes required by employers.Why is that?The reasons can be many: the opportunity to buy your apartment or find another lease option, closer to work.In any case, both parties enter into a contract of employment, it is important to know about how to properly terminate it.

all agree?

Let's start with the fact that to terminate the lease may be two sides of the same time.But, as noted by lawyers, it happens rarely.It may also stop working due to the end of his term.

terminate the lease unilaterally - the most common practice.If the employer suddenly decided to move out, he needs only the consent of family members living with him.Stop employment relationship can be any day, unless otherwise specified in the contract.Therefore, we must pay close attention to the point of termination at the signing of papers.Sometimes the owner of the property indicate that its decision to warn the tenant must for the month.If this condition is not met, the employer shall indemnify the lessor, not removing housing.

possible termination of the lease and at the request of the owner of property.As a rule, the reasons for which he can do it, specified in the contract.This may be a late payment, property damage or tenant of residential premises, the use of the apartment for other purposes (for example, where an employer establishes an office).In addition to the above, the grounds for termination may include the refusal by the guests let into the apartment property owner.All of these items is better to specify in the contract, so you do not stand up for their rights in court, based on oral promises.

terminate a court

Sometimes the tenant and landlord can not resolve their conflict peacefully.And in this case it is necessary to go to court.Termination of the contract of renting an apartment in the courts in the first place requires the lessor.It often happens that the tenants do not wish to leave the premises, despite the fact that for a long time do not pay for accommodation in it.There is a violation of the rights of the property owner.The judgment in this case involves not only the termination of the lease, and the eviction of unscrupulous employers.

Renter also has the right to go to court if the apartment became unfit to live in, for example, it is in disrepair.Or, if it survived the fire (no fault of the tenant).

However, going to court - an extreme measure, which the tenant and landlord are rarely solved.The fact is that few people are officially registered leases.After all, if the renter will have to advertise their income, and therefore pay taxes.Therefore, most of the Russians, taking or renting a house, rely on their own intuition and luck.