How to calculate the cost of repair the apartment?

Before starting the long-awaited redesign of your home, you need to calculate the cost of repairing the premises.After all, the budget that we are going to allocate the update shall be clearly and correctly distributed to prevent additional material costs.To more accurately and specifically to answer the question, how to calculate the cost of repairing the apartment, you need to know what level you are planning to make repairs.

People are living in times of market relations and the construction market there is a competition between the organizations, but also has the average rates for finishing work, which is already firmly established.

If your intention is to calculate the cost of repairing themselves apartments, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.Least of all funds required for the implementation of cosmetic repairs - these are the types of jobs that you can do yourself.These include the need to replace the wallpaper and the alignment of the walls, flooring carpet or linoleum and floor level change, the replacement of electrical outlets, the installation of interior doors and other types of work that do not require special training or professional education.

From the outset, it is necessary to calculate the right amount of supplies of building materials - solutions for the treatment of floor and wall covering for all the basics, fixing and adhesive solutions, improvised products (masking tape, tools) and the like.If you want to replace the windows, then it is necessary to include in the estimate of the cost of window designs and cash expenses for the work of builders.

To make laying of wiring, special tools - they have to buy if you want to carry out repairs yourself.

all consumables products, up to screws, you must enter into a table column.To the right you will write the right amount, the other two speakers - the cost of a conventional unit and the amount for the entire amount.Total will figure that will mean all your expenses for the product.

to correctly calculate the cost of repair of apartments, it is worth reviewing your list - perhaps you need to replace some materials inexpensive products are not inferior in quality.Construction markets offer quite a wide range of finishing products, so you should look to peers - so you can save a little and use the cash for other purposes.

Purchase building tool is the most important part of the budget.If you want to calculate the cost of repairing the apartment, then this part of the cost savings is not necessary - on how quickly and efficiently the work will be carried out, depends on the final result.Choose only modern tools and products whose use helps to reduce the period of repair and decrease the likelihood of injury.

separately the amounts necessary to allocate the cost of buying special clothing (gloves, overalls, goggles, helmet, mask, etc.) - Take care of your health.

If you want to hire other professionals, then first stipulate the cost of their services, details of the work.So you prevent surprises and will be able to prepare in material terms.In order to correctly calculate the cost of repairing the room, do not forget to budget the cost of the extra work - garbage construction, delivery of products and the like.