When going to the toilet becomes a pleasure

Despite the fact that the toilet paper was invented nearly a half thousand years ago, it still remains a luxury in many countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Africa and the entire region of the Middle East.It performs this function left hand.And because the left hand is considered dirty.There are left - top of impropriety.
about the convenience of the Sumerians first thought, as evidenced by a carved throne, Queen Shubad toilet seat from the tomb in Ur, dating from 2600 BCSince then, the construction of the "chair with a hole on the pot" of the last millennium, and only in the early twentieth century was supplanted water closet (latrine, the English unit, with an overlap of water).However, the story is also quite water closet "gray."

So, in the 20th century BCKnossos palace built settlements on the island of Crete is equipped with comfortable bathrooms and toilets ... sewer system.Inventors and Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome pored over the issue.Do not pass it a party and known for his inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

But the prototype of the modern bathrooms has appeared only in the 19th century.Thus, the inventor of a small village in the north of England by the name of Thomas Krepper virtually invented the modern toilet sample.Residents of this village recently decided to memorialize Kreppera unusual way: in the local church installed stained glass, which is about the most important events in the life of the settlement, including the place of honor brainchild Kreppera - toilet.Parishioners say that the thoughts of their God is not distracting.Today

design water closets - a booming industry now, visiting a particular institution, we do not cease to be surprised Creative Flight developers.In Japan, have already entered into the practice of the toilets, which are produced by a computer instantly analyzes the content and give information about the state of your health.Another innovation in this country brought the owner of a restaurant in the city of Akashi.He made a giant toilet aquarium filled with exotic fish and turtles, to pay for it 270 thousand dollars.
And yet, what he is, the future water closet?

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