In summary, a hobby which indicate better?

said the man is never so close to perfection as the interview.But to get to it, often need to undergo further stages of the selection, such as the filing of a summary or questioning.However, many applicants embellished the truth or was a fib.But experienced personnel officers know how to bring a potential employee to clean water.For this are insignificant at first glance, the questions about the objectives, interests and priorities.What to consider when specifying interests in the summary?Let's learn about the pitfalls of the item information about yourself.

What to write in the "hobby" in the summary?

In order to keep this information went to the benefit of your employment, be guided by such rules:

  • selects the appropriate enthusiasm.Their you can be a lot, but do not list them all, and thus bore the personnel.Write only about those that are relevant, and limit the four positions.You have to give a potential employer a better understanding of you that can help you get invited for an interview.
  • You must show that you have the qualities that can be used in the work, and it aims to provide information about your interests in the summary.Example: suppose you are the coach of the local amateur football team.Can you talk about your skills of planning, organizing activities of others, the ability to solve problems and responsibilities.This can be very useful for those who have no work experience (graduates, students), as well as those who have not worked in the specialty for some time, or want to take a higher position.
  • Do not include resume hobbies associated with the policy.This is a touchy subject, and not everyone can share your views.If you are not applying for a position, where your political affiliation can be important, you have to avoid any mention of similar hobbies or accessories.

Do I have to include a section about the enthusiasm in the summary?

If this information can be perceived ambiguously headhunters, is it worth to write about it?The answer is yes - but you need to carefully weigh every word.You give more information about their identity, when you turn a hobby into a resume.Example: You are applying for a sales position in a sporting goods store.The employer would not mind to see the list of your hobbies skiing or skating.Information about the hobby should be informative, if it bears no meaning, it is not necessary to include it and take time hiring manager who will study your application.

list of the most popular hobbies

not know what to write in the "hobby" in the summary?Here's a list of the most common options:

  • Sports.Tourism, fitness training in the gym, running, tennis, cycling, swimming, skiing, team sports, and so on. D.
  • Music: play an instrument or just listening.
  • Spending time outdoors: traveling, fishing, hunting.
  • Communication: participation in church activities, community and volunteer work.
  • art: painting, sculpture.
  • Crafts.
  • Dancing.
  • Reading.
  • Interests associated with the computer.
  • gardening.
  • pets and care for them.

What hobbies employers would like to see their employees

  • Sports that require endurance, show that the person has the tenacity, persistence and activity.That is, the qualities that are desirable for a successful sales manager or employee in charge of the development of the company.
  • Extreme Sports show that people are always trying to exceed their capabilities and willing to take calculated risks.This is important for people who aspire to leadership positions.
  • Creative hobbies - show that you are creative and talented people.That is important not only for particular specialties, such as a designer, but also for employees, who work in a dynamic environment, such as marketing, PR-manager, and so on. D.
  • Team Sports say about you that youable to work as a team member in order to achieve a common goal.This is a valuable property for a career in a large corporation.
  • Strategy Games (chess, backgammon, sudoku) - would be superfluous for the applicant for the position, which involves the planning of the company.

As you can see, interests and hobbies in the summary tell more about you and your employer can show aptitude or convince him that you - not the best candidate for the coveted post.But do not forget, it is not necessary to lie - at some point, the truth is still open and you will find yourself in a very unpleasant situation.