Professional ethics of a lawyer as a basic condition for its success

Any area of ​​professional activity has a certain set of specific features, rules and ethical standards.Professional ethics regulates the moral relationships between people in the work sphere.In other words we can say that this concept is a set of specific moral norms that determine the relationship of man to his professional duty.Professional ethics as a science has been studying:

  • relations between people, resulting in the workforce;
  • moral qualities of each individual taken specialist;
  • features of vocational training;
  • specific moral norms of each professional field.

professional legal capacity like no other due to the interaction of people, so it observance of certain norms and rules of conduct is necessary.An important characteristic of the moral character of each lawyer is also his attitude towards work and professionalism.Professional ethics of a lawyer in a legal state, what today is Russia, includes some mandatory aspects:

  1. rule of law.This aspect implies the full realization of its mission to the service of a lawyer and the right of law.Lawyer Ethics obliges him unconditionally fulfill all the norms of the law, even if they are contrary to his own moral principles.Its activity should be directed primarily to combat legal nihilism and anarchy.
  2. relationship with the people in the spirit of humanism is the obligatory rule of professional ethics of any lawyer.This rule as it emphasizes that education and skilled enough to become a sought-after expert and professional.Every lawyer in the course of employment deals with a lot of people who see it as a first person, and only then - a representative of the law.Therefore, each person involved in the process of communication with a lawyer, lawyers, prosecutors, expects it to a qualified performance of duties, and a respectful attitude.Professional ethics of a lawyer implies respect for the personality of each member of the legal process.
  3. Decency lawyer keeps on honesty, truthfulness, complete trust and sympathy.These qualities must be manifest in the relationship of colleagues, managers and subordinates, a lawyer and a client.To achieve these goals, a professional lawyer chooses only those techniques and methods which are not contrary to law and morality.

on generally accepted any employment rights held moral principles and professional ethics lawyer.Honesty, decency, honesty are a must guarantee its successful career.The main document, which is guided by the lawyer in his professional activity, is the Constitution of the Russian Federation.Professional ethics of a lawyer, prosecutor, advocate or other representative of the law does not allow the neglect of the individual (whether a witness, complainant or accused), his humiliation of human dignity, insults or being subjected to measures not provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Today, many law schools impose additional discipline in which students learn not only the law and the right, and get answers to the questions: what is the professional ethics of lawyers, how to relate to other people and what moral qualities you must have in order toachieved notable success in their careers.