How to find a lost Android phone?

phone loss a tragedy for virtually every modern man.The sea of ​​information, including personal or confidential, which may become a thing of malevolent thief, as well as the considerable cost of the new decent devaysa make users of mobile devices to ensure their reliable protection.In doing so, they actively help all sorts of "spyware" applications and internet services.Well, if anything like this will happen to you, but in life anything can happen.Therefore, this article will devote completely to the actual topic today: how to find a lost phone Android.There for it is not a very accessible way.


This program is designed specifically for such cases and allows you to track virtually all manipulations that are made on your device, it is now, even at the opposite point of the Earth.These possibilities, strangely enough, is quite easy to manage.What matters is that the service at the time of the disappearance of the phone has been installed on it (it is desirable to do so immediately after the purchase of the machine).Correctly installed application easily locate devaysa GPS coordinates with an accuracy of one meter and observe his movement can be directly from the screen of your home computer, smart phone or any other device that supports Internet access.

Benefits Talklog

Such a pleasure, of course, not free, but money spent in which case justify itself fully, and you will not have to guess how to find the location of the Android phone, without the help of strangers or police.Running in stealth mode, the service does not affect the functionality of other programs on your phone, so the thief does not even suspect that his movements closely monitored.This "spy" is able to:

  • Monitor magazine calls and listen to the conversations.These records are stored on the server and the user's computer.
  • reread any kind of messages sent or received.
  • by the server all the photos and videos.
  • Find the phone Android and establish his whereabouts at any time.
  • Read the history of the Internet browser installed on your device.
  • Analyze the installation and removal of any programs to make your smartphone.
  • conduct audio control.This means that a user can connect to Talklog stolen device, turn the microphone on it and use it in real time to hear everything that happens in its location.

According to reviews of Internet users, Talklog not only knows how to find a lost phone Android, and allows full control of its operation.An additional benefit of this service is the ability to free acquaintance with his work before the actual purchase.

Plan B

Alternatively, the previous program is the development of the company Lookout Mobile Security - a program called "Plan B".Its main advantage is that buying the service in advance is not necessary - the installation utility can produce after the lost or stolen phone.Another advantage of "Plan B" is a free installation.To do this, just need to make your account online Android Market, download the installation file and install a remote principle to the lost device.After that, your device via satellite will determine their position and give them to the owner via e-mail.You can also use a different phone number: lost in the machine need to send a message with the text «LOCATE», what the response should send a message with your coordinates.As for the comments about the free application Plan B, they are quite contradictory.Some users are happy with everything and not worry about how to find a lost phone Android.But the others are complaining that the incompatibility with its operating system, then some other "glitches" in the program.Well, all this - the "charm" of free applications.


you still wonder how to find a lost Android phone?Then read on.Many opportunities also makes software, or to be more exact, a service that is located at use it, you must either download the application from this website and install it on your device in advance, or you can use the remote communications functions via Google Play (if the phone is lost).Of course, the "Google" will ask you to register in the system, but with the help of your account can be fully monitor everything that happens with your gadget at the moment, and even control it.The most valuable feature of this service you can: locate devaysa (using GPS-navigation) to block his work, keep track of all phone calls, monitor the performance of your smartphone via SMS messages.

Services Google's Android

All of the above require the installation of special software on the stolen smartphone.However, if you need to find the phone Android, Google is happy to help!However, no applications installed on the lost device is not necessary and does not matter if the security of your gadget, you do not take care in advance.In 2013, the developers of "Google" published a novelty - a tool designed for smartphones operating on the basis of OS Android.Such a service can determine the coordinates of the location of your device, and show them on the map.In addition, a function of the realization of the remote call to the lost smart phone (even if it is activated the silent mode, or installed a new SIM card).

Android Device Manager works from Google!

And finally, let's talk about the most simple and cheap way how to find a lost phone Android.To use the Google service for Android, it is not necessary to carry out any changes in your phone and change the parameters of its settings.It required only if you want to remove a stolen gadget you have all the data.Such functions are software company provides free of charge.You need only to have an account on Google and intensified with the help of this service.Having at hand another smartphone or tablet, you can easily tie under the Create your account and get started with the program.Time it will take nothing, just two minutes, but how to find a lost phone Android, you can not worry.Well, if you believe the words of people who at one time tried out this possibility, the service really works.The only thing that interferes with absolute success, is the fact that the stolen device at the time of the work platform must be connected to the Internet.Otherwise, the "Google" powerless.

In conclusion

It is not the entire list of available smartphone users services that tell you how to find stolen phone Android.But maybe this article you hover on the idea that the security of your favorite gadgets and safety of its data, you must take care in advance.