An interesting fact about parrots for children

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Parrots - exotic birds that live on all continents except Antarctica.Today, of course, they are quite well-studied species.But ordinary people do not know so much about these amazing birds, which for nearly two centuries of living alongside them as pets.

appearance of parrots in the Old World

first interesting fact about parrots - is the story of their appearance in Europe.It is known that these birds were imported from Australia ornithologist J. Gould in 1840.The scientist has done a lot for the adaptation of the fauna on the territory of the Old World.He not only put the birds in the Antwerp Zoo, where they managed to get the first seed in this part of the world, but also made a very detailed description of the species.Treatise on the parrots was so detailed and well composed that all ornithologists, who subsequently engaged in their study, was practically nothing to add to the already written D. Gould.

Interesting facts about parrots is not limited to their appearance in Europe.This kind of bird was discovered naturalist who accompanied James Cook during a trip to Australia.In the south-eastern part of the continent and the sailors saw the budgies.

should be noted that the birds have been actively exported from Australia to Europe, which has led to the almost complete disappearance of the species in the smallest continent in the world.That is why the government decided to ban the export of these representatives of fauna in Australia.

study of parrots

Ornithologists long after the appearance of the bird species in Europe are not only studying their habits, but also carried out various genetic experiments.This is - another interesting fact about parrots.Breeders derived more than two hundred new species of fauna.They vary in color and shape of feathers, the presence or absence crest, tail length, and many other indicators.

It is from these experiments should be another interesting fact about parrots.First of all, scientists using the crossing individuals of different colors of birds brought to the solid color feathers.Thus it appeared yellow parrots.Later, in the XX century, ornithologists managed to bring blue and white representatives of the species.

special color gained parrots, scientists are working in the UK and in France.They since 1921 has a unique purple color of feathers, which is considered one of the most rare colors of these birds.

Genetic experiments

Ornithologists H. Steiner and H. Dunker engaged in genetic developments relating directly to color parrots.For example, scientists have found that the color of feathers that have not yet managed to get, namely black, is theoretically possible.This is due to the fact that in color of these birds known to be present in the form of black specks on the cheeks and on the tips of feathers.

Interesting facts about budgies relate to their red coloring.Scientists have discovered that genetically it is impossible to deduce a similar breed.Parrots have a color just is not in the DNA structure.In addition, none of this kind of close families also can not borrow this gene.Thus, the red wavy parrot remains a distant dream for bird watchers and lovers of these small sociable birds.

specific results of genetic experiments are crested breed parrots, which managed to get only in the last century.

Question and answer

As we know, children are very fond of pets and try to spend time with them as much as possible.Besides, kids are very inquisitive, so eager to get as much information about what is really important to them.That is why the result is interesting facts about parrots for children, as these birds are one of the most popular pets.

course, every owner of talking with your pet.But if he understood human?And most importantly: can the animal to respond to questions put to him or to ask something?Scientists have long been trained monkeys.The essence of the program was to train primates the ability to answer questions and ask them.The first objective has been achieved.Monkeys successfully answered the questions of scientists.However, the primates themselves and were unable to ask the researchers.

Thus, the researchers concluded that the animals simply can not formulate and ask questions.This theory denied parrot, Alex, was asked what color it.It is worth noting that the bird knew only about a hundred words.

Names and rhythm

Another interesting fact about parrots - what they give their chicks at birth names.Of all the creatures living on Earth, so do only humans and dolphins.Parrots call chicks by using a certain combination of sounds, which not only is the name of a particular individual, but also points to gender and belonging to a particular family and species.

A few years ago, scientists claimed that the sense of rhythm has only human.But in 2011, researchers analyzed the video in which the music moves parrot named Snowball.Scientists have noted that the bird slowed and accelerated motion, depending on the tempo of the melody, and shook her head in time to the composition.Later, the researchers examined more videos from thousands of parrots and dancing came to the conclusion that these birds still have a sense of rhythm.

Miraculous rescue

Interesting facts about parrots for children are not limited to the ability of birds to ask questions and answer them.Idaho (USA) firefighters rescued unusual fire victims.They were two parrots.It should be noted that at the time of the fire in the house there was no one, except the birds.When firefighters entered the home in search of those who need to save, they heard shouts: «Help!» («Help!»).Going to the voice of the people have found two parrots that were left in the house.This case proves how smart pets.


be mentioned interesting facts about the macaws.They, like many other large species of these birds have an amazing talent to open the locks.It is not that parrots can just open the door key and about the real hacking using studs.This bird does not require a reward for their work, that is, it has no incentive.

presence of such talent contribute to such interesting facts about parrots as a passion for all kinds of mechanisms, as well as small shiny gizmos.Please note that the bird sitting on the shoulders of women, immediately drew attention to the earrings, a pendant or a chain.Obviously, the ability to pick locks appear for the love of all kinds of jewelry that parrots sometimes manage to steal anything without giving yourself.