The activity of ticks.

Nature is beautiful at any time of the year.But if a man threatens to winter only to freeze in the spring and summer, all kinds of insects are more active.One of the most dangerous - it clamps.

tick activity is high and the spring and summer.As soon as the sun begins to warm the earth and the trees appear green foliage, they appear everywhere.

is no different in this regard, and major cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg.The period of activity of ticks in the suburbs begins in the spring and mass departing for the city residents should know what could face meeting with insects.

Carefully ... tick

danger is not in itself ticks and the diseases they carry.The Russian Federation has recorded two types of ticks that carry such a terrible illness like encephalitis.

  1. taiga tick, the area of ​​distribution - Siberia and Far East.
  2. dog tick, the activity zone - the European part of Russia and European countries.

addition encephalitis ticks can carry Lyme disease, dangerous disease to humans.

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can never guess whether the tick is infected.They are absolutely no different, and the carriers of the virus can be both males and females, and even larvae.Infection occurs insects themselves when they feed on infected animals.

course, not all ticks are infected, and even if you have an insect bite, you do not necessarily get sick.

If you are bitten

Despite the increasing activity of ticks during the warmer months more and more people flock to the forest.They are attracted by the fresh air, the ability to have fun outdoors, gather up a few berries and mushrooms.

But such trips may end bite.If the tick is infected, the virus immediately directly into the blood of man.There are several options:

  • man grafted in time - in this case, the virus binds to and the disease does not occur.The body will cope.
  • Bitten time people get antiviral drugs like "Interferon" - the disease is also not likely to develop.
  • man not to vaccinate, time does not seek medical help or have a weak immune system - the disease develops rapidly.

But not so scary.Despite the activity bottoms and massive hikes in the forest people, yet the virus does not necessarily lead to the development of the disease.But this does not mean that there is no need to take measures in order to protect yourself from these insidious insect bites.

Where are mites

on the territory of the Russian Federation ticks can be found everywhere.Where there is a forest, be sure to exercise caution.In addition to the RF data insects inhabit the forests of China, as well as in Europe.

Knowingly Activity mites spring highest.After all insects is necessary, in addition to the heat, the humidity is good in terrestrial areas.As you know, in the spring the soil is moistened after most melting winter snows.

Besides moisture necessary condition of life and growth is the presence of mites living creatures, which they could eat.

Therefore, the most favorable for their habitats - forest edge, the place where ferns grow, the banks of ponds and deciduous forests.

most important thing for the tick - the presence of tall grass, so the recent increase in cases of bites in the city.For the insect is like no forest.If there is tall grass, it's enough.And human activities - not a hindrance.

Therefore, be sure to mow lawns, to avoid the appearance of areas with high vegetation and piles of cut branches.

is noteworthy that in the coniferous forests, and there are usually quite a few grasses, mites do not live.But on the forested slopes, warmed by the sun and fresh grass, ticks just swarming.

Do not think that during a walk through the woods mites can fall on your head.The highest place that can get the adult - no more than 1.5 meters.Usual environment of their habitat - the grass.

When the active clamp

tick season runs from the moment when the soil warms up to 6-7 degrees.Therefore, the first recorded cases of bites even in the month of April.

But the greatest number of ticks appear in May and June.During this period must use extreme caution and refuse to hiking in the woods or take all the necessary precautions.

Then comes a period when activity subsides ticks, and therefore, the number of victims of bites.This period falls on a hot July and early August.

But then, closer to the fall, mites reappear.Season activity, so-called secondary, occurs at the end of August and a warm September.

Whatever it was, as soon as the soil temperature drops below 5 degrees, mites disappear, fall into the so-called hibernation until next season.

tick activity resumes again with renewed force next spring, as soon as the warm spring sun warm.And so the circle.

How dangerous tick bite

mites not all infected with dangerous viruses.But even if the insect is not a carrier of the disease, the bite may cause irritation or an allergic reaction.Therefore it is clear that this is best avoided.

Yet it is particularly dangerous infected ticks.Not necessarily it will be a tick-borne encephalitis.The scientists studied the problem and found that you can catch more than 60 kinds of diseases.

The danger is that people may forget about the incident with a bite and decide that nothing happened.But the reaction may appear two weeks later.

But, despite all the dangers, yet the main reason is the fear of ticks encephalitis.

Intrigue encephalitis

To not particularly versed in medical terms - an inflammation of the brain.Often fatal.

If a person bitten by a tick, you just look on him, it is impossible to understand whether it is infected.When you start the activity of ticks?Begin to open centers handle insects on examination.

Therefore, the bite of a tick should take it to the collection point, which operate in the local sanitary and epidemiological stations.Only there will be able to conduct a special analysis and determine whether the infected tick.

You have three days to see a doctor and enter immunoglobulin.Of course, we can not say that now you will not get sick.But the fact that the disease will be held in a mild form, and death will not be, that's for sure.

Get vaccinated

advice for those whose lifestyle is associated with frequent stay in forests and areas with dense grass: Get vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis.

instills necessary when mites completely disappeared, was the season of activity and come autumn.Typically, vaccination can be done with the month of November.

Vaccination can be carried out in the summer.In this case, the calculated time to the time of inoculation to possible exposure to insect has passed at least 21 days.

Especially beware concentrations of mites during the production of antibodies.


Choosing the right clothes - a very effective remedy for bites not only the mites, but also other equally dangerous insects.

Choose smooth, lint-free material.In such clothes mite hard to catch.Always wear long-sleeved shirt and tuck it into your pants.

Pants should be tucked into shoes or socks.It is desirable to have a headpiece.

After walking through the forest shake out all my clothes over the bath and wash.

Special means

addition to the right to pick up clothes should use special means of bites.They are available in three types:

  1. repellent - can scare away insects.
  2. acaricide - insects die.
  3. Insecticide-repellent - Mixed.

But before you choose something, make sure you have no allergic reaction to the substances included in the funds.

aerosols should be treated only on clothes hanger and let it dry.Dress can be in a few minutes.

Akaretsidnye means capable of for a long time to maintain their properties.But please note that wind and rain reduce the validity period.

What else can you do

addition to the measures taken do not forget while in the woods periodically inspect clothing.Arriving home, the skin should be carefully examined.

happens that the tick, hitting the body, does not bite humans.And if the time to find an insect bite and then can be avoided.

noteworthy that notice as you tick bite is not easy.This happens almost imperceptibly.A person does not feel pain and discomfort, as, for example, from a mosquito bite.

So as soon as you notice a tick, remove it immediately.The sooner this happens, the lower the chance of infection.

correctly extract the tick

If a person attached ticks, it must be immediately removed.But it should be done, having at hand any antiseptic.

In no case do not press the insect.Otherwise, it threatens to spread viruses in human blood mite.

Of course, it is desirable to consult your doctor for competent extraction.But those who are confident in their abilities, or are far away from medical centers, must follow certain instructions:

  1. Deal place tick bites and any hand disinfectants.
  2. If you have oil on hand, then treat them wound.Thus insect overlaps oxygen itself and it gets out to the outside.
  3. possible to use kerosene or molten drops of candle wax.These methods allow the force to leave the cozy nest insect, which he justified on human skin.
  4. good tool to extract sold in pharmacies.This special tongs that grip the tick by twisting and pulled out of the wound.

Do not lower your head low during the procedure, or the mite can inject into your eyes poisonous liquid.

If the head of the tick remains under the skin, be sure to remove it.Put insect in a sealed container and take them to a special item to scan.

If you follow all the recommendations, then walk through the forest will bring only positive emotions.Yet, the end of the activity of ticks, take warning the vaccine, and the next year you'll be fully prepared.