Double-labeled card (focus)

This is a very simple and simply stunning focus.As a magician's assistant invited two audience.The magician gives the spectator, standing on his left hand, a deck of cards and a pen and asks to have a deck behind his back and note any card, putting a cross X on her face.Then the magician passes a deck spectator standing on his right side, and asks, head of the deck behind him, noting any card, putting a cross X on her shirt.Magician returns deck spectator standing on the left, and requests him to view the deck and find a card with a cross X in the face, remove it and hold it between your palms so that no one saw her.After that, the deck is transmitted right audience, that he found his card, shirt which is labeled X. Examining the deck, he comes to the conclusion that his card is lost: to find her, he can not.It seems that both the audience marked the same card!

Secret focus

Secret "coincidence" is surprisingly simple.It consists in the fact that the marker that gave the viewer a magician, does not write.It is best suited for this marker with a felt core.You just need to keep it open until the ink is dry.If you use a pencil, you must first put him in the sharp end of a transparent varnish and let it dry properly.

Such a pencil, keeping his "polished" look, the tracks on the map will not leave.The lack of a pencil that ordinary pencil is difficult to make a bright mark on the map, while the felt pen mark can not fail to notice.You can also use "dried" with a ballpoint pen, but it suffers from the same defect as the pencil mark on the map illegible.

In preparation take any card from the deck and mark it crosses "X" on both sides felt-tip pen (pencil, pen), who normally writes and is a complete analogue of the "dry" requisite, which is used for representation.Writing X should be uneven, if you Damn cross, his hands behind his back.Now put it in a card deck and you're done.

How to focus (details)

1. Give the deck face up to the audience, who stands to the left of you.Ask him to make a deck behind his back, flip through the deck and not looking at her, put one of the cards on top of the deck.

2. When he fulfilled your instructions, give him a pre-prepared crayons and asked to draw a cross on the face of the upper card and return your pen.Offer him then mix the card without removing them from behind, he lost his card in the deck.Then he must give you a pack.

3. Now turn the deck face down, and handed it to the audience, standing on the right.Offer him to do all the things that made the assistant left, but it is necessary to draw a cross on a shirt of any card, which is then mixed with the other.

4. When done, take his deck and felt-tip pen, which immediately hide.Tell the audience left the deck again and ask him to see the card facing to face him, and pull the card out of the deck, he said.

Offer him pinch card between your hands so that no one saw it not.The real reason for this action, of course, stems from the fact that no one should see the cross on the shirt of the map.

5. NOTE: Because the pen "special", neither the one nor the other viewer does not have drawn a cross on a map, and both do not know that the deck has a pre-marked map.

6. Map squeezed, and you pass a deck assistant on the right, offering him to do the same thing: "Please review the whole pack and take out your card on a shirt which drafted the cross."Of course, it is to find such a card can not.

7. After the scan assistant deck a few times, turn the audience's attention to the fact that the deck one card is missing, the one other assistant holds between his palms.Ask the assistant to the left to look at the shirt of his cards.

Viewers seem like two assistants independently of each other by their free will chose the same card in the deck!


a good idea to start the presentation with a demonstration of the deck, turning her face to the audience.The viewer has to make sure that he sees an ordinary deck of cards.

to hold such a demonstration, a map with the cross should be kept near the bottom of the deck.Then the cutting deck face up, showing that all the cards in the deck are different.

been careful to ensure that the cards near the map with the cross had not been laid.Viewers believe that with all the deck "clean."

You'll be amazed at the impression which will make this focus on the audience, as no reasonable explanation for the striking coincidence there.With a good performance no one even suspected that the secret - in the "special" markers.

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