Unconditional franchise for voluntary insurance, its advantages

insurance is an integral part of every cheeloveka in modern society.We strive as much as possible profitable to insure the property, his life and family.Insurance can be compulsory and voluntary.

Every man first confronted with this topic, immediately raises many questions: which is best to contact the company?What type of insurance to choose?For how long?In order to make the right decision for themselves, should get at least an initial idea of ​​what constitutes a security system, how it works and what the benefits from its use.

concept of security is inextricably linked with the term, as a franchise, which is the part of the insured damage, which is not refundable by the insurance company in case of accident.Insured voluntarily chooses for himself the insurance with a deductible, or without, and determines its size and variety.Amount franchise can be installed in a fixed form, or as a percentage of the total amount of insurance.

In practice, there is a deductible unconditional and conditional.The latter provides for the payment of money the insurance company only if the damage exceeds a specified in the insurance contract sum.For example, you decide to insure a car for a hundred thousand and a conditional franchise chosen in the amount of 20 thousand rubles.If in case of an accident caused by vehicle damage will be less than the specified amount, iesmaller than the deductible, the insurance payment will not be implemented.

Unconditional deductible insurance is part of the damage caused as a result of an insured event, not be reimbursed by the company's insurer.For example, you can also insure your car for 100 thousand rubles, and the chosen form of unconditional franchise at a rate of 20 thousand rubles.In the event of an accident in the amount of up to 20 thousand rubles, cash payment will not be made.If the amount of damage caused, for example, 21 thousand rubles, the insurance company will pay you the amount of 1 thousand rubles.Unconditional franchise acts, as a rule, regardless of the amount of damages.

At first glance, the system of payments may seem awkward.In fact deductible give careful drivers rarely falls into the small road accidents, a good opportunity to save on the purchase of insurance.The franchise is beneficial not only to the insurer, but the insurance company, because it allows to significantly reduce operating costs, many due to the decrease in the number of appeals.

course, everyone decides what type to choose.Unconditional franchise more profitable for novice drivers with little driving experience, because according to statistics, they often fall into the minor road accidents.

It should be noted that the insurance deductible does not have much popularity in our country, because the majority of people simply do not understand the meaning of the term and all the benefits of its use.In addition, the Russians very difficult to come to terms with the idea that in some cases, even paying the premium, they will have to repair the car at his own expense.In foreign countries deductible insurance, on the contrary, enjoys sufficient popular because it allows significant savings budget and maintain the status of the so-called break-even the customer, even in the event of a minor accident.