commercial establishments "Home Credit Bank" - the leader in the consumer lending.The financial organization in 2012 ranked third in terms of volume distribution of loans to the population, giving way to "Savings Bank" and "VTB 24".Contributes bank "Home Credit" allows a number of ways.Read more about the conditions and opportunities, see below.

Why choose "Home Credit Bank"

This organization has already established itself as a reliable and active bank.In 2012, the country was already 6356 its branches and 69,000 outlets in various stores and malls.By volume of deposits of physical persons "Home Credit" was in tenth place, according to the results of the RIA "Rating" and RA "Expert".

The popularity is due to attract deposits

Central Bank of Russia to assess the contribution of household deposits.On September 1 of this year, they have grown in comparison with the data on the first of August of the same year, about 94%.The total amount of deposits of 15.95 trillion rubles.This shows that the population deposits in demand.The amount of borrowed funds in the HKB of September 1, exceeded 220 billion rubles.Compared with last year data above 90%!This is due to the fact that the bank regularly offers new favorable conditions and continues to evolve.

main advantages

In order to make a contribution, the bank "Home Credit" developed a simple skhёmu opening.Even in the presence of 1,000 rubles, you can open a deposit account.That is, for an investment you will not need a large amount of cash.And the amount of the deposit does not affect the annual interest rate - the rate the same.

Feature deposits.Bank "Home Credit"


interest thereon do not change depending on unforeseen circumstances.This means that in the event of termination of the contract, you have nothing to lose.This fact is especially attractive for investors.Payment of interest accrued on a monthly basis.

Offer "Good news»

Flexible product and the best deals are always in demand by consumers.If you have a sum of 1,000 rubles, you will be able to make a contribution for the period, which is six months.If the investor decides to prematurely withdraw funds, the interest is paid in full.With "good news", you can either save money or withdraw money without losing anything.The percentage of this contribution - 8% per annum.

Offer "Profitable Year»

This method is for those who want to save money from inflation, because in the "Home Credit Bank" deposits are insured.The interest rate - 9% for the year, the period of accommodation - up to one year.In the case of early withdrawal percentage drops to 4.5.


deposits bank "Home Credit" takes in two ways: with and without cap.This means that in the first embodiment, the interest will be credited to the deposit amount, the second - in the separate account, withdraw them at any time possible.

currency deposits.Bank "Home Credit"

conditions when offering "Good news»:

- the minimum amount of 5000 dollars / euros;

- 3,5% for the year;

- for half a year;

- monthly capitalization;

- possible partial withdrawal;

- rate when removed ahead of schedule changes.

conditions when offering "only a plus»:

- the minimum amount of 1000 dollars / euros;

- 4% per annum;

- up to 12 months;

- interest payments on expiry;

- no partial withdrawal;

- rate when removed ahead of schedule - 2-3%.