Concreting of the court with his own hands: the steps and nuances

If you live in a private home, the concreting of the site for you to become a priority after the construction of the home.Concreting of the court must be made with their own hands, following a specific technology.The works will involve the need to implement several steps.The need to fill


If produce concreting the court, over the territory will be easier to look at the surface will not accumulate dirt, moreover, do not have time to time to deal with weeds.In winter, this area is fairly easy to clear of snow.Also note that on the flat, but the surface concreted against the wheels of the machine are formed bumps, hollows, which is able to accumulate water.This is especially true if the yard would be to call not only cars but also trucks.Concreting of the court with their hands will make a very simple, it will ennoble the territory, and to establish a number of benches, planted flower beds, as well as arrange other decorative elements.It is important to observe all the stages of work, and to follow the recommendations of experts, to ensure the strength and level of future platforms.

preparatory work

initially will need to carefully align the platform, but first get rid of the top layer of soil, removing the grass roots.Once at the bottom of the compacted preparation of crushed stone is laid, which will also need to be sealed as possible, the top is covered with a small layer of sand.The thickness of the layer of gravel should be about 20 cm, but not less.Most often, this layer is made even more massive from the addition of gravel bout bricks, debris, the remnants of concrete pavement and so on. D.

If concreting yard with their hands will be on the ground, which is characterized by relatively high hardness, as well as the lack of grassYou can eliminate the use of crushed rock.But if it is used, it can be laid on top of the plastic film, which will serve as a layer, eliminating the interaction of concrete and water.Among other things, this training will prevent germination of grass.Along the edges of the prepared site to install the formwork using steel bars and concrete curbs, if you have the latest available.If within the concreted area it is planned to establish zones for flower beds, even in those areas you need to install the formwork.

Putting beacons

concreting yard with their hands will not be able to produce high quality, if you do not set the beacons.This is done at the stage of laying gravel in the pillow.It is recommended to apply a horizontal level to align the site.After the entire area you want to install beacons, which will serve as a benchmark when casting yard.To do this, preferred to use plaster beacons made of thin profile, between which is stretched thin rope.Between beacons should be laid armature.It is better to use a special grid, based on the thick wire.Sharp edges shall be folded into the valve down.Reinforcement will be the main way to ensure the integrity of the coating, it will eliminate or minimize the formation of cracks.

mixing solution

If you are mixing concrete yard with their hands, and the nuances of the steps necessary to study in advance.Thus, the master must be aware of the fact that the preparation of the solution stands as the most important stage.It is not necessary in this case to save on raw materials, use low-quality cement, mixing it in insufficient quantities.This will be the reason that two years later the state court will be impaired and need repairs.To work it is recommended to use the brand M300 concrete, sand and gravel must be used in a ratio of 1 to 2. It is necessary to thoroughly mix the concrete, until you can get a lot of, uniform throughout.

Pouring concrete

If performed concreting yard with their hands in freezing temperatures, the solution should be added plasticizers, which provide not just a quick hardening of the mixture.Laying of concrete should be done with a shovel between two adjacent beacons located, the concrete should hide them by a few millimeters.After using a spatula which has a suitable width, you need to get rid of excess concrete.Why rake installed perpendicular to the two beacons and shifted it on rails.

for final processing

If you want, on top of the concrete can be coated, which consists of Polymer-it will strengthen the structure.Especially important this treatment for the territories of which will be subject to the strongest loads, it concerns the corners and edges.

processing can be done in two ways.The first requires a rash of ready mix concrete, after leveling.The mixture should be soaked wet weight.The second technology involves the necessity of removing the coating of small bars of the concrete surface to a depth equal to one centimeter.The resulting groove must be filled with the same mixture as in the first case, however, it must be pre-diluted with water.After the final solidification that happens in a day, the surface will need to clean up traces of the spatula.

recommendations concreting yard

concreting yard with his hands, a photo of which are presented in the article should be based on the exclusive use of high-quality ingredients.Thus, the quality of the sand affects the final physical and mechanical properties of the concrete.It is recommended to apply krupnofraktsionny sand, in which the composition contains minor impurities clay.In order to analyze the quality of the aggregate have to put it in a plastic bottle, pre-filled with clean water, then all should be mixed and left for a while.If the water does not become cloudy and settled dirt, which indicates that in many sand silt and clay.If

made concreting yard of a private house with his own hands, it is necessary to further strengthen the construction method zheleznenija.Why in the concrete, which began to solidify, it is necessary to pour pure cement in a small amount, and then rub it on the surface using a spatula or trowel.In order to maintain the level of humidity of the concrete, the coating can be applied to the content of hygroscopic salts, which are able to absorb moisture from the environment.But it is worth remembering that at low rates humidity data salt will absorb moisture from the concrete.As a protective measure will act staining the concrete surface in white.This will prevent excessive heating of the concrete under the influence of ultraviolet light.For the reason that the cracks in concrete more often formed at the junction of the sites that were flooded and solidified at different times, pouring of concrete must be done as soon as possible.If concreting yard of a private house was made with the use of hardening mixture, then pour water in these places after the concrete has set, not to be.This can cause delamination of toppings.

Provide drainage

If you own produce concreting the yard of a private house, is necessary to ensure the formation of gutters.For this stage of preparation is necessary to provide a slight slope of the surface, and set on the edges of the grooves.Despite the fact that concrete is like water, we should not exclude the presence of the drain, on the surface was not permanently wet.In order to make the grooves, it is necessary to lay the pipe on frosting concrete and flatten them with heavy objects.After the concrete has hardened, the tube removed, and in their place remains hollow.

expansion joints

If you made concreting yard with their hands, expansion joints on the surface to be formed.They need to get a clean and straight.Producing such manipulation is needed only after the concrete will begin to gain in strength, which will prevent damage to the surface, otherwise there may be formed an arbitrary cracks.Cutting is usually carried out a tool for the formation of sutures.This should be done no earlier than one day and no later than 72 hours after completion of the finishing surface.It can be made and wet cutting, which is true for soft concrete, such conditions occur after 4-12 hours after completion of the finishing.Do not neglect the rules.