What is the game "DotA 2" workshop

today in great demand among gamers functioning on the platform "Steam" workshop."Dota 2", "Skyrim" - the game is a shining example of how interesting and successful this section.The second project, we will not touch.And here is what the workshop "Dota 2", how to use it - will certainly talk.But first, a few words about why all this is functional.

Workshop Steam - is the section that allows users to publish their work by (content), which can later be added to the game.He began working with the thirteenth October 2011.

Why do it?

Today the workshop "Steam" you can upload items to more than 144 games.All of them you can see on the front page of the studio - for a specific game or all at once.Requirements for it - high quality models and textures.And each of them must fit the definition of a character.

In the studio Steam is the present moment contains all the modifications that have been created by players - and you can look for, and add their own creations.All Games Workshop used in its own way.

For example, the project Team Fortress 2: You can create and load items such as hats, shoes, weapons and so on, and then provide them to the moderators for permission to add artifacts to the game.

As for other projects, for example, Skyrim, the authors modifications can add their creations directly to the workshop, where they will be able to subscribe users who want to add one or the other modes in the game.Objects and conditions of adding them to the game (with payment) may vary depending on the product.Next we will talk about what is needed to "Dota 2" workshop.Carefully read the instructions and rules to determine which area you'll find the best use of their own skills.

functional section is based on "Steam" workshop "Dota 2" offers gamers instantly used items needed for the game.Or the ones that you can buy in the marketplace, as well as to receive during the passage of Dota 2. Immediately available items that prompts the user to "Dota 2" workshop - a product listed in the "Custom Game".They can be used immediately.Click on the "Subscribe" button on the page of the selected item, and it will be immediately available in the game.

There is also a function such as sorting objects.You will not be able to use immediately all the products of "Dota 2".Workshop makes them quite stringent requirements.And since not all of the items they correspond to the authors, you can use only those that have been officially approved by the moderators of the workshop, as well as those that have been appreciated by users all over Steam.

sale items and proceeds from her

When you place your subject in the Steam Workshop, and it is approved by moderators and users, you can start selling it.You will be prompted to enter the data of your credit card, as well as the percentage of the profit that you want to receive.But this does not mean that you can keep all of the revenue - sharing is also necessary.You can pick up a 25% of total sales revenue of its subject.

And the last thing you need to know - this is what content takes for the game "DotA 2" workshop: it can be separate items for the individual characters (tails, armor, weapons, and if I may say so, "transport" forthem), as well as the loading screens, the voices of commentators, emoticons and chat wards.Recently, since how to run a beta test ¬ęDota 2: Rebirth", the players were able to upload their own game modes and maps.

That's all you need to know about the workshop Dota 2.