How to build a press for 8 minutes.

Athletic and toned body - the dream of many, but a significant obstacle for almost every one of them is the power of the will, which sometimes is not enough.We will not argue that to achieve a flat stomach with cubes can actually be without exercise, but short workouts a day will help to significantly transform your figure.So, we learn how to build a press for 8 minutes.

Initially, we note that at the time of the voltage necessary to breathe the air, and at relaxation - inhale.

To bring in the tone of direct abdominal muscles Lie on your back, hands behind his head rewound, and the legs bend at the knees, put your heels on the floor.Then slowly pull your knees and elbows toward each other, and the lower back, do not release from the floor.Repeat 8 times.

to strengthen the so-called lower press you need a horizontal bar or vertical ladder.Here, everything is easy - pulling the knees to the chest in the hanging position.Complicated exercise - lifting the legs, without bending at 90 degrees.Repeat 10 times.

A similar load as in the previous exercise, can be achieved in the supine position.For this it is necessary to raise the straight legs as long as until a 90 degree angle, and then lowered back onto the floor.The slower the tempo, the greater the efficiency.Repeat the exercise 10 times.

twisting.Lie on the floor, bend your legs, put your heels on the floor and put his hands behind his head.Slowly lift your head and shoulder blades, looking up, not on foot.Exhale while lifting and inhale when lowering.In no case, do not release your lower back off the floor.Repeat 20 times.

consider further how to pump up the press for 8 minutes.Do not forget about the oblique abdominal muscles.

accepted all the same prone position, hands pressed against the back of the head, knees bent legs put on the floor to the left.Lift the body (do not forget that the loin should be firmly pressed to the floor), it does not deviate sideways.Repeat this exercise 20 times.Then, turn the legs to the other side and then perform 20 lifts.

considering how to pump up the press for 8 minutes, we can not lose sight of this exercise as a "bicycle".For its implementation need to lie on your back, legs bent at the knees and lift so that the lower leg parallel to the floor.Next, perform the movements as if you were pedaling a bicycle.Do not pull your knees to your chest and try as far as possible take up.

following exercise, which helps to solve the problem, how to build a press for 8 minutes, is a normal stretch.Never forget to relax the muscles after a workout.We can say that this is the most enjoyable stage - lie on your back, stretch your arms and legs to form one line.Pull her hands away, relaxing press.

to exercise for weight loss have brought results, you should maximize "give everything" in training.If after that you have a lot of energy, it means that you have worked badly.

If you want to pump up the press quickly, do not forget about nutrition.You should not entertain hopes that, work more, you will be sure to compensate imperfect diet.Believe me, even if your classes will last an hour, the weight will start to fall very slowly, and the coveted flat stomach and you do not see can.Therefore exclude from your diet sweets, sauces, fried, smoked and overly fatty foods.Rolls and sandwiches also have to be forgotten.All this is primarily deposited on the stomach, and if you have this part of the body is the main problem area (for example, in the figure of the "apple"), it is necessary to completely overhaul the power supply system.