How to build cubes on her belly: a set of exercises

How to build cubes on your stomach if, unfortunately, not all want to have a flat stomach have the patience and diligence in training?To form a beautiful, flat stomach just needs stability in the classroom for a long time.
If you still, despite the difficulties await the decision has been taken to pump up the cubes, it is first necessary to define the days and times of classes.Like any other exercise, uprozhneniya for the press is best done in the morning.The most appropriate option would be to perform the exercises for an hour three times a week.Daily lessons do not mean that the effective result is reached in a short time.Cubes on the press will become visible only when the percentage of fat is approximately 10%.If too much fat, beefy, and the relief of the abdominal muscles just beneath no one will notice.

How to build cubes on your stomach?
Here is a small set of exercises based on the twisting and lifting legs.
1.Lech on his back, hands behind his neck, legs should be bent at the knees, elbows breed apart.The body slowly rising and slowly omitted.Perform three sets of fifty twists.

2.Iskhodnoe position: as in the previous case.Twisting perform diagonally.As for the left elbow right knee, and vice versa (right elbow left knee).Perform three sets of thirty twists to each side.
3. Lie on your back, arms loose along the body.These exercises for the press is very effective.Strain your abdominal muscles, lift the legs and then the pelvis as possible.In the starting position back slowly.Perform three sets of twelve repetitions.
4.Lech on the floor, legs bent at the knee.Hands behind your head allot or put on the shoulders.Exercise is to raise the leg and head towards each other and slowly return to the starting position.Folding twenty-five times in triplicate.
5.Lezhim on his back, arms straight, legs extended.Straight leg raise, so that they are made with the body an angle of 90 degrees.Then, lifting his right leg about ten times and hold it in a raised position ten seconds.The same is true of the left foot.Similarly, do the exercises, lying on its side.
6.Stoya on all fours, back straight.Exhale, relax the abdominal muscles, then most involve the stomach.In this position, freeze for 15-20 seconds and relax.To begin the exercise to perform 12 times.
7.Lezha put his hands behind his head.Bend your knees and perform movements that mimic the bike ride, the exercise is complicated by alternately convergence knees and then left, then right elbow.
8.Lech on his back, hands behind his head.At the same time raise the body and legs, trying to touch his forehead knee.In the starting position back slowly.Perform three sets of ten times.

weighting dumbbells
How to build cubes on your stomach if the abdominal muscles are well developed?In this case, exercises should be performed with holding the extra weight of the head in the form of a dumbbell.

Protein nutrition
If you are wondering how to pump up the cubes on the belly, and decided on their own to achieve a result at home, do not forget to quickly achieve the result must be a proper diet rich in protein.