What to buy in store?

of human nature, many things and actions that are reminiscent of the behavior of some wild animals.For example, the creation of strategic stocks of products.This subconscious habit to have in reserve a certain arsenal of food and other goods often save people in a difficult moment.What to buy in store?On this question we try to answer.

minimum stock, or how to save

All people are different, and the fact that they buy in store - is different.For some strategic reserve accumulation becomes a mania.And for some it's just a necessary supply of products.However, there are some recommended list of items and products that are desirable to have in reserve.

Modern life - an eternal lack of time and effort on housework.It was to the house was an opportunity to prepare a delicious lunch or dinner, to meet unexpected guests, in case of illness one should always have on hand the necessary food.You must observe the rules and the terms of their storage.Of course, first of all, when buying stock it is necessary to take care in advance of the place, conditions and duration of storage.

Only products a long shelf life may be purchased for future use without risk to life and health, without any loss of quality.Otherwise, the whole meaning of lost stock.For thrifty thrifty people, but if there is no economy, and the entire supply turns into a pile of corruption, in this case, it does not make this stock.

stock types

There is a grocery and general reserve.For food supplies are necessary food.To everyone - the essentials in life, such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products, detergents and cosmetics.

Power - the most expensive item in the family budget.To minimize the cost of daily meals should create a supply of food for all family members, adding to it as usage.Virtually no housewives who do not make any domestic stocks.Acquired products and some advance preparation - this is the minimum required supply of food that will help save money in the future.

Sources of products

There are several sources of products in stock.They can be classified as:

  • constant supply;
  • reserve "on the occasion";
  • harvesting season.

blanks seasonal

harvesting season - a margin of some products for the winter and spring.All hostesses and hosts collected and purchased from seasonal ingredients, and subsequently rolled up, to dry or frozen, will be a great help in the winter and spring.The more stock, so in the longer term it will be enough.Terms and conditions of storage products harvested in season, allow them to store and use a long period.Thus, the preservation of domestic production can be stored and 2 and 3 years.Cheapest seasonal products that they buy in store, are a good investment of the family budget.

blanks "on the occasion"

Sometimes people accidentally make a purchase in store.Promotions, discounts, sales "deposits" - all this affects the buying activity.Reasonable prices have to purchase goods wholesale.Of course, this unplanned expenses, but they then pay off.The main thing - to get the necessary products, not cheap rubbish.Necessarily it is necessary to pay attention to the terms of storage and sale of products sold on the stock.Often sales for food products is carried out on the occasion of the end of their shelf life.Therefore it is necessary to be careful, expired products in the stock will not put.


blank blank Constant supply of food for the future made a controlled and planned.Everything is decided in advance.Usually, a list, and regularly updated stock.In such a reserve includes products used constantly.Everyone decides for himself what he needs to live, and what is not.

Yet there is so called "strategic reserve" - ​​in case of deterioration of the material situation of the family or the deterioration of the economy in the country, the onset of the crisis.These stocks help to survive difficult times, not hungry.You can use such a reserve in the event of a sharp rise in prices during the financial crisis, during disasters, acts of war or loss of livelihood.What products to buy in store in this case?The list includes foods and things essentials.With such products to the extent necessary, it is possible not to worry about the occasional troubles.Only we must not forget to update the inventory.

List Here is a list of what products to buy in store:

  • wheat flour finely ground;
  • whole grains, various;
  • sugar, refined sugar;
  • natural honey;
  • canned meat, meat and vegetable, dairy, fish, vegetable, canned meat, jam, salads, condensed milk, evaporated milk, spreads, fish and so on;
  • milk powder and vegetable cream;
  • pasta from durum flour;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • seasonings and spices;
  • tea and organic coffee;
  • alcohol;
  • long storage vegetables: potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, cabbage, beets;
  • baking soda and vinegar;
  • nuts.

Flour Flour is needed in families where often bake.This product has a long shelf life, but the flour can not be stored for more than 12 months.Otherwise, it loses its taste and nutritional quality.The ideal period of renovation stock flour - half a year.Optimum stock - 50 kg.

Store flour - like rye, and wheat - under certain conditions: in a dry place with zero air temperature.Optimally store flour in linen bags of 5 liters.The pre-soak should bags in saline.This will prevent any of the products stored in the bag, from the appearance of insects.

Sugar Sugar has always been a strategic product.Without sugar, many do not represent life.During the war, the sweet water gave strength exhausted, and helped to survive the blockade.

The shelf life of the product - 8 years.However, remember that sugar and refined quickly absorb odors.Therefore, the sugar is better kept in tight plastic bags, put it in 5 kilograms.The stock of this strategic product - from 25 to 150 kilograms.Storage room for sugar should be well ventilated, with low humidity.Sugar stored at room temperature on the shelves.

Groats Groats in the reserve may be varied.For long-term storage suitable buckwheat, rice, millet, barley, peas.All of these cereals will be kept longer if they roll up in glass jars, pre-cooked thoroughly.A good way to extend the shelf life of cereals would be a pod of red pepper, put in a container with the product.This extra protection against bugs.

Strategic amount of cereals may vary.It should be noted that rolled cereals are stored briefly, and harvest them for future use is not recommended.


pasta and pasta from durum wheat have a long shelf life.The drier the room, the longer the storage capability.Store pasta in sealed packages.Typically pasta they buy in store, have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years.

not buy for long term storage of pasta with additives.Their term of implementation is low.Typically, a strategic reserve of pasta is 20 kilograms.

Vegetable oil Vegetable oil reserve are best kept in a glass container.It should be refined sunflower oil, corn, olive, or canola.Oil can not be stored in cold conditions, as well as the vicinity of the heater.Vegetable oil - a source of vitamins.His presence in the diet of people is necessary.Therefore, this product belongs to the strategic.


Canned have a long shelf life.This is especially true of meat products.Typically, 5 years later destroyed by corrosion packaging, and the product remains the same delicious and nutritious.This fact requires careful attention to the storage of canned food.If the container is not damaged by rust, no swelling, the preservation can be stored for a long time.Canned food should be sealed, undamaged cans.Optimal storage conditions: low humidity and air from 7 to 10 degrees.

Honey Honey can be stored under normal conditions in a sealed container, it is better - glass.The number is not limited.Honey - a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed by the human body.If a stock has a lot of honey, it is not necessary to stock a lot of sugar.

Other products stored under normal conditions corresponding to their standards.This is only a brief answer to the question "Which products are buy in store?"

Things "reserve"

There is a small list of what goods to buy in store.This means the essentials and medicines.What to buy in store in a small amount?It:

  • hygiene kits for women;
  • detergent and soap;
  • plastic bags;
  • toilet paper or tissues;
  • set of hand tools and fasteners;
  • flashlight and extra batteries;
  • Sanitary set of bandages and plaster;
  • first aid kit with the necessary medicines.

"strategic recruitment" can be a variety of products and things.In this paper it is shown only recommend the ones that are the foundation.

not necessary to stock a large number of products that require special storage conditions, such as freezer.In the absence of electricity supply of all this will be gone.

Water - essentials

But keep in stock a few tens of liters of drinking water - it's convenient and prudently.Even under normal conditions, at accidental loss of water in the water intake, the repair of pipes, supply of drinking water will always be welcome.