Construction companies in a crisis: "A1" ("LEC") - business-class apartment in St. Petersburg

In late 2014 the construction industry is faced with the most powerful external obstacles: the general economic crisis and stagnation in the banking sector.

This trend is reflected in the scope and pace of the construction of: a decrease in demand for housing and the average economy class by more than 30%.

For construction companies the crisis - that is no reason to freeze its facilities, but rather a chance to survive and become stronger in the global market.

¬ęThis difficult period to determine the error and make the necessary improvements to optimize business processes.Difficulties in the construction industry are present, but they are not so critical, "- says the company" ALTIUS SOFT ".

Already six months later the company "Installation Story" could give a quality response to the crisis: the construction of residential buildings of economy class.The project is based on the design of reinforced concrete blocks.Since the company was able to limit the cost of building materials and improve the quality of buildings.

more adequate response to the fall of the construction industry has provided the company from St. Petersburg - A1 (up to rebranding - LEK).The largest construction holding company notes a steady increase in orders for business-class housing.

obvious that large companies such as A1, is not experiencing major difficulties as optimization and work on the mistakes of the past, long before the onset of the economic crisis.

largest holding in St. Petersburg noted a favorable investment climate for housing business class:

  • first, these apartments, according to L1, acquire customers, who are independent of the loan;
  • secondly, reduces the number of completed projects in the city, and the demand for construction is only growing.

With regard to housing and the average economy class, then there really are problems, but they are well-founded:

  • rising interest rates on mortgage loans;
  • currency devaluation;
  • reduction in orders for construction.

In such circumstances, the average citizen of the Russian Federation is insolvent.But in this case the construction business has a reasoned response: it is necessary to make optimization of the construction of the triad (time, resources and finance).

Companies are beginning to focus on the more cost-effective materials, nullify the excess waste, theft and so on.

The quality does not fall, but on the contrary, new materials have high strength and durability.