How to save electricity in the apartment and a private home?

Today, the question of how to save on electricity in the apartment and a private home, is gaining relevance.The reason is simple - no one wants to pay extra money out of your wallet, without receiving any benefits.Given the persistent upward trend of prices for utilities, keep the money earned by honest labor is becoming harder.

What is it - the economy?

Along with the question of how to save on electricity in an apartment or a house is often raised another equally important issue.All we heard about all kinds of appliances and other kinds of tricks to help you get around all the currently available devices even counting electricity and water.But it is good the illegal economy, everyone decides for himself.How to save electricity in the apartment legally?

not only the residents of the former Soviet Union is constantly looking for new ways to keep their savings.A thoughtful approach to the consumption of electricity has long been a sign of good taste in most developed countries.The motivation is different: somewhere - caring for the environment, somewhere - a desire to prove and demonstrate the promise of new technologies, but in these parts motives, though less lofty, but much more lifelike.

Simple ways

Start saving is extremely simple to do this, just need to figure out where to spent precious kilowatts.Further remedies unnecessary spending will become more apparent.A few tips will help you understand what it is - to save electricity in the apartment with his hands!

  1. reliable insulation.The insulating layer makes it possible to reduce spending on electricity 1/5.How?Very simply - in the summer it does not have to spend money on air conditioning and in the winter - in the space heating.
  2. Modernization wiring.Deformation of the current-carrying lines may increase the power consumption up to 30%.
  3. Turning off unused devices from the network.They say that the economy will not earn, but if the background monitor expenses can stay in the black for 10% of the monthly payment for electricity.Looking closer, you can see at least a couple of extra devices consuming electricity.The timeliness of their monitoring in many ways is energy savings in the apartment.Computers, televisions, even the charge of the phones must be switched off from the network, not to mention to avoid leaving lights on unnecessarily.

It would guess the presence of unnecessary spending in these cases is not difficult, but there are far less obvious solutions to the problem.

savings in the kitchen

This section is relevant not only for owners of electric cookers, because in our time, even the cooking takes place without the use of various devices.

What, how and when to cook, to help understand the recommendations:

  • modes appliance.Including stove during heating to maximum, and then reduce the intensity, can be in the same time to cook dinner, using the moment of inertia.

  • methods of preparation.Most products do not have to boil thoroughly until the bitter end, and this applies not only to cereals.Maximum benefit can be taken out by boiling the food a couple of minutes, and then put it in a sealed container.When cooking water should barely cover the contents of the pan - it all boils faster.

the right choice - the success

  • Dimensions utensils.Ideally, the size of pots and pans should be fully accountable to the diameter of the burner, where they will be used.This method will allow once again not to heat the air, and the use of resources for their intended purpose.The bottom of the containers must be clean, even without fouling and possibly adjacent to the working surface, whereby the energy consumption in the preparation can be reduced by half.
  • type plate.The cost of an induction hob can bring out of balance almost any hostess, but if you think about the long term, it will no longer seem so enormous.
  • Soup Kitchen.A recognized leader in saving kitchen - cooker, which allow to cook a complete meal 3-5 times faster.Second place can be awarded kettle under normal use.

thinking about how to save energy in the apartment, it is advisable to think a little about the reasons why the resources can be spent unnecessarily.

Savings on the verge of fantasy

When all the most obvious ways to reduce expenses listed, it might seem that the question of how to save energy in the flat, completely exhausted.But this is not the case, given the many non-obvious, sometimes strange things you can not pay the bills:

  • indoor and outdoor plants.It has long been proven that flowers in pots improve the indoor climate.Their street counterparts may serve as additional insulation, especially curly shrubs and trees with large crowns.An added bonus - the need to use sprays, moisturizing the air will disappear by itself.
  • cleaning.Dust is not only unpleasant in itself, it also settles on the ceiling, lamps and other surfaces, preventing the conduction of heat and light.

things, which we should not forget

  • clever design and multi-level lighting.Zoning space - not just another fashion trend in interior design.The total light can be left for ceremonial receptions and used for reading side lamps, table lamps and floor lamps.The use of light finishing materials also will contribute to - the need to turn on the lights will only appear when it is dark.
  • biorhythms and sleep.Observance of proper sleep - perhaps the most natural way to save energy."Owls" is not alter themselves, but also to stay up until the early hours is not necessary.

Demonstrating a certain amount of ingenuity, power consumption can be reduced at times, especially in anything yourself without embarrassment.

Innovations in savings

Technical innovations - one of the areas, which includes a modern energy savings in the apartment.Reviews of those or other devices to help calculate the strengths and weaknesses of a specific technology, and choose the best option, ideally suited to the conditions of existing housing.Understand principles of work of all kinds of circuit breakers, relays, transformers, circuits, you can create a complex programmable system completely controls the flow of light.The timer is especially popular in the condemnation of the question of how to save energy in the apartment.The device can operate not only on the expiry of the deadline.To enable or disable the light can also be via voice or sound commands.


If the above methods do not give the desired result, you can continue the search for alternatives, which tend to include all sorts of manipulations with counters, for example, energy savings in an apartment with a magnet.Leaving aside the obvious arguments about the illegality of such actions can not but take into account that the magnet will act only in relation to old-style counters and newer appliances fool with it will come.

not each device model is compatible with the magnets, which include those typically present neodymium, iron and boron in different proportions.For public utilities such tricks are not a mystery, energy savings in an apartment with a magnet can turn into considerable cost.

savings using miracle device

You can find a description of the operating principle of a plurality of devices are out to once and for all resolve for themselves the question of how to save energy in the apartment.Wonder instrument in practice is nothing more than an inverter.How does such a device?The machine takes reactive power to the active.In principle, the reactive energy is present in all electrical circuits, and it is wasted - mainly as useless heat.Devices such as light bulbs, air conditioners and refrigerators, tend to spend only active energy, reactive, and the wrapping of useless consumption of the jet is not going away.

Saving energy in the apartment with a capacitor is due to devices that compensate for the loss of reactive power.How do

compensation device?

Consider the basic concepts without which it is difficult to explain how to operate this kind of device.Let's start with AC and DC.In fact, any current -No other than the motion of the electrons, but the AC is actually worth on the site, but varies with the frequency of 50 times per second.During this oscillation is shown including its magnetic component, which in combination with electric forms a complete electromagnetic wave.So, in fact, and can be described reactive energy - it can pay off the active and prevent its spread.

This is precisely this kind of energy savings in the apartment.The device can put out useless and unused appliances reactive energy.Actual performance indicators such devices are directly dependent on their implementation.

And yet, how to save?

savings should be not only economical, but it is possible and reasonable.Firstly, do not go to extremes, trying to calculate each spent kilowatts - some of the costs simply can not be avoided without new problems.Second, electricians repeatedly warn users that counts, even the most simple and outdated, is not always so easy to fool.This also applies to the magnets too much power, and dubious home-made devices, the use of which may cause damage to the counting equipment.When you try to reprogram the work counters anyone can face a number of difficulties, which reduce to nothing all the impact of such impulses.One of the really effective options - the use of the frequency converter - not useful to owners of private apartments, but it certainly will help owners of pumping equipment to save electricity 10-15%.

As you can see, there is no single answer to the question of how to save energy in the apartment.Wonder device or wet cleaning, replacement of lighting or zoning space - a personal choice.