Fashion fads, "people of color"

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As is well known, "the taste and color of comrades is not" - that is, everyone likes something different, and tastes of different people in some areas is quite subjective and can not be the same.This old proverb certainly applies to the question of selection of clothes - of course, fashion dictates certain rules and determines the style, but clothes, shoes and accessories, each chooses for himself.

is especially true of the definition of the color gamut of our wardrobe - here it all depends on personal tastes and preferences of each.That is, if you, for whatever reasons, had the idea to wear only one color chosen by you, in this case, no one will be able to stop - all the more so given the current richness and diversity of choice is easy to make.

Some believe that passion for one color in clothes, accessories and gadgets is an innate quality, or obsession - for example, the Korean scientist JeongMee Yoo investigates the boys and girls who like pink and blue.

There is also the opinion that the desire to surround himself with things of the same color educated society - the boys decided to buy a blue or blue clothing, girls - pink.

Without going into the debate on this issue, we present you with a few people whose color preferences in the wardrobe for a long time turned into a fad.Get to know their taste, you'll be able to decide how to categorize "people of color".

Valeria "ValBlu" McCulloch, designer shoes - blue

Considers blue color of the most interesting from a historical point of view - in ancient times it deterred enemies, use it to express divinity.Walking all day in the blue - like living in a dream, she said.

Valeria prefers to order his only blue leather shoes directly to factories or buy white shoes by Chanel and Christian Louboutin, to paint it in bright blue.

believes that blue expresses such important quality of her personality, as loyalty to their cause and humanism.He tries to surround himself blue in everyday life - all the more so in recent years has become a popular trend in blue."Blue - the color of peace, - says Valeria.- It applies to all aspects of life, an expression of the cosmos and the future. "

Rebecca Turbow, fashion - Grey

eight years she wore only a turquoise color, but since last fall moved to gray to change their destiny.

For her gray - an expression of purity, the absence of virtually any color - as it is located between white and black.In other colors, it suffers from a lack of sense of order and cleanliness.

All my clothes Rebecca models and sews herself, can not wear anything alien.Even a shoe makes high demands - soles should be gray or white, but in any case not black.

do not miss the "Turquoise" period, but continues to produce clothes of that color, but separates it from himself as a work from personal life.

«Grey refreshing - says Rebecca.- My friend said that the gray looks classic.Sometimes he dresses in black, and I - in silver - it fits together.I love colorful clothes and shoes for other people, but she can neither carry nor produce them.I do not know whether it's painful addiction to one color, and whether he has a special name. "

Elizabeth Sweetheart, textile designer - Green

Elizabeth was born and raised in Scotland, surrounded by green nature, on which is now very bored in New York.The addiction to green started off her nail polish and gradually take over the wardrobe, even her hair color green has been 44 years.

adores wearing green overalls, she had them - 30 pairs, is only the green shoes (even running shoes Nike) and underwear.Can not sleep in clothes of any other color.Engaged in fabric design more than 44 years, and all this time walking in a green job.

«People like my green - says Elizabeth.- It is a bright and cheerful, and many passers-by even asking to be photographed with me in the streets.He never faced a negative reaction to my style. "

Stephin Merritt, singer and songwriter - brown

«I hate black, although I was advised to wear it in his youth - he says.- In black I look sick, but I do without him seem very healthy.A brown perfectly to the color of my hair and eyes.Brown advantage in the fact that when it fades in and fades with time, it is impossible to understand what the original colors were clothes or shoes. "

Stephin said Brown peacefully without causing disharmony and conflict.According to him, Brown is neutral, it does not show anything, and does not give of his master, on brown not visible dandruff and dog fur is black.

«However, in my passion for brown there is one drawback - recognized Stephin.- I can not go to official receptions, events and parties where you want to wear a black tuxedo. "

Karim Rashid, industrial designer - pink and white color combination

exception in our current collection, Karim in his youth fond of white color - it felt like an angel free.Then he was forced to wear black to maintain its status as an avant-garde designer.

In 1982 he went to Rome in a black dress and pink hair, but it is considered a sign of fascism, so the designer was forced to change the color of their clothes.

dress in white for him, among other things, means to show their innocence to the "dress code" of architects and industrial designers.

sometimes thinks that love pink color imparted to his mother, longed to have a child, and often as a child in a pink dress him.

Karim is forced to buy underwear only from American Apparel, have been found more than a single brand, issuing pink underwear for men.

«Of course, we have to work hard to keep white-pink clothes clean, - says the designer.- I think I could write a whole book about this good advice.View of an adult male in pink makes people smile and makes the world a little happier.Also, if you look good in white, you'll look great in black, if required.My motto - be yourself and everything will be fine. "

We hope that you have a favorite color in which you are comfortable and happy life, even if it is not painted your entire wardrobe.

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