Who is the conductor, and that he should be able to?

Who is the conductor?Why these people are embarrassed to talk about where they work?What kind of work is this: the conductor trolley?Who can take this position?And what communion hath a man selling tickets, and a device for welding large parts?

conductor - he was not only a man

Who is the conductor?We've learned that a man who sells the tickets on public transport.And few people who are not associated with the technique, know that there is a jig for welding.What do they have - the object and the person?Perhaps the appointment.The jig for welding helps fix in position parts to be welded together.A person whose profession is called the same word used to record people who have paid and will not pay the fare.The one that is needed to ensure the quality of welding future arrangements.Anyone who works in public transport, the plan ensures that a driver and as a result the entire industry.That is why the official duties of these professionals are fixed very strict requirements.Like every working man, the

conductor of the bus or trolley should know:

  • their rights and responsibilities;
  • documents related to his work;
  • rules on the transport of people and luggage;
  • existing tariffs;
  • absolutely all the stops on the route.

Besides these obvious duties trolley conductor or any other transport must possess certain skills.Without them, the official, paid a "white" salary, a job he can not take it.

conductor - one passenger

Who is the conductor?The best friend of the passenger.In the urban transport can happen.There are cases where people have started a heart attack or childbirth, people broke an arm or leg, began to sort things out with the help of the kulaks.
driver can not be distracted by the noise in the cabin, so the mission of saving the normal atmosphere is completely entrusted to the person who sells tickets.Responsibilities clearly indicate that the conductor trolley or tram, bus should know:

  • CPR and first aid, and be able to use this knowledge in practice;
  • rules of safe transportation of passengers, operating a trolley bus;
  • competently act in an emergency.

Seasoned same experts say that the conductor trolley, as well as any other means of transport, should be a great psychologist.Who is more likely to enjoy city trolley?Sleepy workers, early in the morning eager to get to the plants.Tired and irritated employees that do not have their own cars.Old women, children ... Most of the passengers concerned and irritated crush their problems.People in this state the most aggressive.Do not allow to display the accumulated aggression should be the conductor.And he must raise money for the fare.It is not easy, given that the composition of the passengers is replaced by nearly every stop, and you have to remember in the face of all those who have already paid.Who can cope with this kind of work?Is the conductor must have good health?

requirements for the physical state of the conductor

order for 8-12 hours (lasts much change) to spend in the cabin trolley, constantly moving from one end to the other, the conductor must be physically hardy man.He should not be afraid of any heat in the summer or winter frost or drafts all year round.And a good specialist:

  • speaks passengers (which means that it does not fall into a swoon from the abundance of profanity);
  • with children and passengers communicate politely intelligent and culturally;
  • not afraid to demand payment from the drunken brawlers and hooligans adolescents;
  • on occasion may lighten the atmosphere good joke.

These requirements are not spelled out in the instructions, the necessary skills are acquired only in the course of work.

Who can operate a conductor?

Who is the conductor?An employee with a tiny salary.Taking the position of any person, willing to get paid for your hard work 6-7 thousand per month.It was a very low salary makes the profession extremely unpopular, and on transport enterprises churn continuous.However, the driver is output.In many cities, the conductors work unofficially for a cash award.However, such employment violates the law.Most often sell tickets for transport people with no education, are unable to find a permanent, high-paying jobs.This does not mean that the work of the conductor is not respected in society.HONORARY all professions.But it is hardly a person graduated, able to build a house, to teach or to heal people, will gladly occupy such a position.