Led by the nose: the sisters businesswoman selling scents brands

owner of US office "12.29" Love buyers to use a pleasant smell to boost sales.The customer sisters Golduorm - Lady Gaga and Mercedes.

Sellers constantly lead modern customers by the nose, and actively manipulated.The feeling of latent temptation became the basis of new business, which aims - to tickle your mind using aromas as you walk along the corridors or expensive boutique hotels.

«Opportunities smell undervalued, - says Chad Muravchik, founder and CEO of the agency MiN New York, which deals with expensive perfume and the olfactory design.- Smell - the main secret of emotional connection with customers.At the same time before all the resources and all the attention focuses on sellers visual and sound design. "

$ 5 million Fragrance

But ways to promote change, and not the entire budget is now spent on window dressing.At the recent masquerade at the Guggenheim Museum on the occasion of the presentation of fresh creations Lady Gaga - perfume Fame - the singer was playing performance based on "Sleeping Beauty" on the bed, set in a six-meter sphere of Plexiglas.While on large screens installed on the ceiling was black-and-white film by Steven Klein, a pair of stunning blondes in dresses from Zac Posen led a group of young girls with microphones and tablets.One of the beauties wearing vintage tiara Bottega Veneta, the other - a Venetian mask.And they certainly did not look like employees of the catering company.

the beautiful blonde appeared regulars events in New York's Manhattan:

34-year-old twins Don and Samantha Golduorm owned company with a turnover of $ 5 million, which sells scents.

Their firm "12.29" develops custom fragrances designed to convey the essence of brands.

«When the room filled with the smell, feelings of people who are in it are changing," - explains Don.Previously, she worked as a "nose" of the perfume giant Coty.For the party Lady Gaga Don selected notes of saffron, leather, violets and orchids, as well as several "anonymous" ingredients.If the goal was to create a decadent atmosphere and cause the visitors a sense of the forbidden, the plan worked perfectly.

Not surprisingly, "12.29" (the name of the company coincides with the birthday of the sisters) have already worked in many industries, from packaging and scented candles to nightlife, restaurants and fashion shows.Among the company's clients, sisters twins - clothing manufacturer Rodarte, designers Jason Wu, Takun Panichgul and Zach Polen magazine Purple, carmaker Mercedes-Benz and other corporations from Europe and China.The range of prices for services of nurses range from $ 5,000 for a perfume house to the six-figure sum for the development of flavor to order.

Customers' 12.29 "say the costs are compensated."If the value is the taste of food, the type of rooms and the sound of music, it is impossible to ignore the impact that has on the sensory perception of smell, - says Eugene Remm, the owner of Empire nightlife EMM Group (includes clubs Catch, Finale SL and in New York and Miami).- In our schools smells pleasant associations give rise to a chain and increase the expectations of the evening. "

Golduorm Sisters of "12.29", as well as their competitors from Bespoke Fragrance, Scenterprises Brandaroma and sell the idea that flavor of its own can do much more for the brand identity than any logo or promotional text.If you want customers to feel deeply your brand, according to this logic, they need to breathe it.However, the approach of the new business is not so new.Network Abercrombie & amp;Fitch, for example, for several years should be similar principles - customers can smell the shop companies on 5th Avenue, even from across the street.But Golduorm offer a more subtle and strong flavors of its customers.

Samantha, which the duo responsible for the business component, said scents create a stronger impression than the traditional means of marketing because the sense of smell is connected with the most sensitive area of ​​memory.Researchers have found that people are able to distinguish about 10,000 different odors and learn a certain smell with 65 percent probability, even a year after the first meeting with him.For visual indicators, such signs and logos, the accuracy of recognition at 12 months is 50%.

Seven months the smell

To create unusual flavors require special ingredients, so the service "12.29" so dear.The sisters refused to disclose the cost of developing a new smell, but considering the cost used "raw material" we can assume that we are talking about significant sums.For example, for the production of a kilogram of "absolute Rose" worth $ 10,000 needed to create about 50,000 samples of fragrance, or about 900 kg.Even more expensive orris extract - its price laid special production method: the root must be cleaned and grind into a homogeneous mass, and then stored for several years.Flavor oil is negligible, so extract the highest quality is worth about $ 140,000 per kilogram.No wonder companies like aromatic Givaudan to develop a fragrance can go from $ 15 million to $ 20 million and up to ten years.

then to the manufacturer there is a problem delivering the flavor.This fine work, says Muravchik of MiN, especially when the scent spreads through the air.The smell should be evenly distributed throughout the room, with no extra effort, imperceptibly and at the right time.To display collections of Rodarte sisters Golduorm used ten nozzles installed in strategically important points for seating spectators.Develop the layout in this case - like geometrical problem to solve."If you just spray the scent in the room, there will be a feeling that you are eating spirits, it is unpleasant and unexpected" - explains Don.On that same show Rodarte everything worked well, but a fashion editor she complained to the smell of burnt wood.In the following events this technical miscalculation was cleared.

Training measures "with the smells" scale party Lady Gaga can take up to seven months and requires a lot of trial.That's what had to go to the founder of the hotel chain Thompson Hotels Jason Pomerantz: at a meeting with representatives of the "12.29" it offered a sample of four vials of clear liquid.Each vial contains notes of leather, amber and wood, but it all smells different.The first two options have created the image of hunters who smoke cigars, drinking whiskey;others where no such distinct shades of tobacco and smoke, conjures up a slice of lime in a glass of gin and tonic.Pomeranz has rejected all the options, and offered his own.

He wished that the fragrance embodies the following associations: black, eggplant, tactile velvet, old movies, and the state of "comfort, but somewhat dark."

This fragrance was like intellectuals, artists and "modern thinkers who feel at home in the dark corners of the world's great cities."Fragrance had said: "The Thompson Hotels we are happy all the guests, but do not please anybody."As a result, Pomeranz sprayed each sample from the "12.29" in a separate room, and finally decided on the choice - after seven months.The smell seemed otherworldly;it was not just a pleasant smell - it seemed that it stands for some history.After a "pleasant odor" was never the purpose of the entrepreneurs' 12.29 ".

«We've all come into the room and say that there smells wonderful, but it does not mean anything - says Muravchik of MiN New York.- Choice of smell - is the perfect excuse to brand of "something nice" turned into something that will make guests again and again to repeat the experience. "

Hannah Elliott

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