Did you know that those who work in the circus?

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When we learn about who works in a circus, it turns out that it is not so much a pleasure institution as an extensive set of hardware.For example, in the world famous Cirque du Soleil troupe works of four thousand people, which allows the institution to give presentation in several cities around the world simultaneously.

addition to direct people coming to the arena, the circus has its own seamstress who, for example, to show "Mystery" prepared special costumes for gymnasts, tabbing to each of about 2,000 sequins.For the year circus masters used about twenty kilometers of different fabrics, to suit all artists.A shoe shop circus sews about 5000 pairs of shoes each year.

who works in the Cirque du Soleil yet?Of course, here there own designers, composers, arrangers, artists, musicians.To create movies and shows are directors, cameramen.And no one view is not without generalist workers, longshoremen, electricians, drivers and cleaners.Since the circus professionals work from forty countries, in order to maintain their level of qualification institution has recruited a staff of trainers, teachers of theatrical skill, physicians and therapists of various specialties.

As a company with revenue of more than half a billion dollars Cirque du Soleil shall have appropriate professional staff in the financial sector.Accountants, financiers, tax specialists from different countries, lawyers - that's who works in a circus of this magnitude.

The Russian experts are preparing such a plan, in particular the school of Circus and Variety Arts named after Rumyantsev (clown pencil).He finished these showbiz stars like Ilya Oleynikov, Gennady Khazanov, Efim Shifrin, Sergei Minaev, Alexander Peskov, Jeanne Bichevskaya famous circus artist Oleg Popov and others.There are studying specialized disciplines (acrobatics, clowning, dancing on the wire, equestrian performances, juggling, etc.), history of theater, circus skills an actor, and the original speech genres.

addition people often go to the arena the animals that certainly - also circus performers.The Moscow Circus named after Nikulin on display, you can see the rooms with dogs, horses, monkeys, Bengal and Siberian tiger.Of course, each animal has a trainer, veterinarian, as well as the one who settles the place where they live and feed.If the troupe have large animals like sea lions (weighing up to six tons, eat up to one hundred thirty kilograms of fish per day), the serving staff can be more than extensive.

New business conditions require the emergence of new professions.Who works at the circus today, but who did not have it, for example, fifteen or twenty years ago?In domestic institutions over the past decade were specialists in public relations, promoters, marketing specialists, studying the tastes of the audience.In addition, with the development of computer technology in the states of circuses around the world settled down, system administrators, web designers and programmers.