How to insert the euro symbol on the keyboard in different ways?

Not so often, but still occurs in many users need to insert the euro symbol on your keyboard.Today, there are three ways to do it.The first is to use a table so called ASCII-code.The second is to use a text editor Word, the third - the clipboard.All of these methods will be described hereinafter.

universal method

Euro symbol on your keyboard in the normal set is missing.As a result - you need to use advanced.It is based on the use of table ASCII-codes.Please include a numeric keypad.If the LED "Num Lock" lights up, then nothing needs to be done.Otherwise, press the key of the same name, then it must go to an active state.Then, in the process of collection of information we press the control key «Alt» and hold it consistently recruit 0-1-3-6, then remove your hands from the keyboard.After that, the icon should appear automatically «€» in the work area of ​​the application.

Text Editor

Another way how to insert the euro symbol on the keyboard, is to use a text editor of Microsoft - Word.It consists of the following.In the recruitment process go to the tab "Insert" toolbar.Then her find the section "Symbols".It open the drop-down list of "character."Then choose "Other characters".Then we find the character you want and click "Paste".Close the window and you're done.

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Perform process described in two ways: by using the mouse or by using the keyboard.In the first case everything is done left-arm.But in the case of the keyboard sequences you: «Alt» \ «S» \ "M".Then, using the arrow keys to move to the item "Other characters".In the window with the help of arrows keys to find the desired character and press "Enter".Then close the window and the icon «€» will appear in the workspace text editor.This is an easier way to enter the euro symbol on the keyboard than the previous one (no need to remember the numeric code of the character).But this is possible only in office applications, which is a significant drawback.

Clipboard icon

euros on the keyboard can be supplied using a combination of operations to "copy" and "paste".As the source, you can use the same Word (insert «€» the previously given method) or a browser (find «€» the Internet).To do this, select «€» and press «Ctrl» and «Insert» simultaneously.Then go to another application and press «Shift» and «Insert».After that it will be required to receive euro sign.This method is the most complex.We need a source of information.In some cases, there may be problems with the encoding.

In conclusion In this article are described in detail three main ways how to put the euro symbol on your keyboard.The simplest and most versatile - it is one that is based on the so-called ASCII-code.That's it and you want to use.It works with virtually all programs for today.Minus one - you need to remember the code "0136".If you will often enter the symbol, the problems with remembering not arise.For hedging can it somewhere to write.