Grandfather tale

grandson, granddaughter !!!Vnucho-ok !!!Distract.What are you listening to?They killed a Negro?Well nazdorovitse, it serves him right, chock trash.Distract!Listen to Grandpa!Who

old fool?I'm an old fool?Do not be rude grandfather !!!

Who sclerosis?I have multiple sclerosis?Yes, I remember Lenin!I can still see - stands with an outstretched hand.

No, not begging, with a monument at this time fashioned.Okay, sit down, and do not tease my grandfather!No.gulls I had a drink and warm up the legs, the hamster even walk.Otmazheshsya not, I will tell the tale - is useful for the night.

Well, what a day!Day start - the evening is over!Not zli Grandpa!

so.There once was a king ...

This is another shot, and it was a good king

No, zabugorny - our king.

No, Putin !!!Another king.fabulous.For fun!Not zli Grandpa!And the three sons of the king - the king was able to.As

where the queen?There was the queen!

The children come from?What harmful granddaughters!Well ... the queen went to Voronezh

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No, not a lover, to her grandmother to stay.Do not distract grandfather!And then forget it!

so was the king's three sons: the elder - a smart, medium - a fool, and a junior at the station lost, and the king decided to marry his sons.

Why they could not without a king? ... I do not know.

Yes, they had no problems, but no, they are not blue.We sat at the king's neck, you grandfather.

Yes, and listened to a song about blacks ... What a song!What negros!Do not confuse the grandfather!So, he decided to marry their king, and he sent them ...

No, not there, not there and did not ... WHERE?Wait, I'll write.Where did you hear this?

When Aunt Light soup dropped a cat?Strangely enough, the cat did not say anything ... Well.And the old man went on a fishing trip.

What sons, the sons of love to confess about?God be with them, mumps and died a bad fairy tale.Let the other.Once upon a grandfather and a woman

On that lived?- Retirement living.

does not happen?This does not happen with us, as in fairy tales all happens.They lived, lived, and the children they had.

How-how ???Viagra?A sho it?Helps? .. Wait a write down.So, do not interrupt his grandfather.What am I doing?Oh yeah ... and run, then mouse-Narushka ... no prejudice,

There's no red light.Narushka - not by the word "disrupt" just lived in a hole - flat such little more ours.So, running, tail waved.Yes

was not on the lookout!Just because waved.So, then I nibbled apple princess, and so in a crystal coffin and took to her bed.

Who dill raskazyvaet ?!Grandpa dill blogged?The tale is this, baby.Apple and immediately nipped in the coffin.

There was no radiation bullseye!Bewitched.

What is enchanted?Well ... as radiation.So - it is in a crystal coffin.

Why crystal?Uh, well, I do not know.Pope in her crystal factory work.It lies in a coffin, and Prince Yenisei Yenisei well - this surname.

No, not a Jew - that Moses.

So, floats, so Odysseus on a boat, a boat full of hares already planted, and all rabbits climb and climb ... and the dog has a place does not stay !!!Ugh !!!What's Odyssey?What are rabbits?Well I talked about the princess.Yeah, well, listen.Here it is, here it is, here is flying - the good doctor.

No, Alban!

And I'm not talking Alban!- Aibolit.

Why fly?I do not know, the parachute might not open.Not zli Grandpa!Poor Dr. Aibolit, not sleeping through the night.And puts and puts them ...

There's no enema - a good doctor.And puts and puts them thermometers.And all in good yields.

There's no cuff gives!And chocolate.Do not bother to grandfather.Nope grandfather chocolates.Grandpa has not received a pension for 1912.All grandson, are you tired grandfather.

I say I have no chocolate!Not zli Grandpa!Look - out - out, see the same tamagochchi wants to eat !!!All that does not want to.Go bury next to a black man.And I'll tell you about Viagra Alexandritch ... (tambourine himself, out).What do you know of ... it's like Viagra ...

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