For details on how to open the console CS GO

Currently popular design Counter Strike: Global Offensive is gaining incredible momentum, it starts to play more and more users from around the world.And it really is not surprising, since the shooter can help a great time, as well as communicate with their friends.If you have only recently begun a career in this game, then you probably have met with such concept as «CS GO console."Sooner or later you will have the desire to learn how to turn it on, because with this function you can perform different actions and simplifies the process.


So, let's look at how to open the console in CS GO.And for that, we decided to give detailed instructions, which will certainly be understood by beginners.If you are just planning to start playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, then the first thing you have to do - is to download the file with the application and install it on your computer.Next, you should run the game.Once this is done, you can proceed directly to the very question of how to open the console CS GO.After starting you get to the menu, where the top corner will find the "Settings".That's it and you should hover.Once the popup menu appears, select the section "Game Options".If done correctly, there should be a new tab, which are looking for the section "Enable developer console (~)."Be sure to click on the arrow and select "Yes".


When all was done, the bottom of the screen you'll notice "Back" button, click on it and go to the main page of the game interface.To find out, settled the question of how to open the console in CS GO, or not, on the keyboard, press the button (~), which is located just below the key Esc.If you have made the correct settings in the game interface, then you should see a new page, which is called the console.


To the question of how to open a console in CS GO, was resolved quickly and correctly as possible, we recommend that you carefully read the instructions.Although if you do not succeed, do not be disappointed, as the process of setting, you can at any time to repeat again.With the console in the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive is easy to produce a wide variety of settings.CS GO developed by Valve.The developers kept the foundations of a "classic" game version "1.6", added the cards for battles, as well as implemented new character models and weapons.The graphics are also significantly improved.