Occupation worker.

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Occupation worker today has lost its popularity.People with vocational and technical education, face many difficulties, both in society and in employment.Let's try to prove that having a "working" profession - is not only interesting and useful, but also useful to society, and quite profitable!

wrap the back a little

Let's look at the past century in our country.Then began a massive building urban high-rise buildings, restored the old and new factories of various production, as never was popular profession working ... It happened due to the fact that very few people had the opportunity to receive higher education, and in a difficult post-war period initially wanted to support themselves financiallyand only then, if there was time, watching and learning.

Then, a profession working was considered honorable, well-paid, was encouraged by the government (housing, all sorts of benefits, social assistance, and so on.).However, with the advent of affordable and possible for all higher education professionals working people have started to refer to the "working class."They simply ceased to respect and appreciate ...

Why profession worker lost his high position among other crafts?

For this situation there are a number of reasons, list them:

  • availability of teaching in higher education institutions (and, it has its pros and cons);
  • deterioration of working conditions in the various industrial enterprises (post reductions, lowering remuneration, non-compliance with conditions of work, and so on. D.);
  • weak attraction of students to study in technical schools and colleges (no decent advertising for these kinds of jobs);
  • society unsettled negative images handymen (need positive characters and heroes of these professions).

These reasons yet exist and will exist, what little is done to eliminate them.Occupation worker, more than ever, need advertising and the promotion!

Should I choose a school (college) as a basic education?

From the point of view that in this school master specialization course much faster than in any higher, it may be advised for young people seeking to become self-sufficient as soon as possible and start making money.In addition, due to the shortage handymen employment is not long to wait.Plus it serves and what the employer will be interested in this kind of specialist, so a decent salary he assured.

technology every day are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but people working professions still needed in any workplace.You can immediately after school to successfully get to the place where the command will create the most comfortable working conditions.Chance and career growth, and additional training courses, and other pleasant moments.

But we should not forget the fact that the profession of social worker is not using a special prestige, and the state of health, it can affect any deviations from the norm.

most popular profession for graduates of vocational schools

In today's world, only a few of the laborers is really needed, such staff, as they say, "weight in gold", especially if they have a flair for the craft, skill and desire to develop and grow within the corporatestairs.

engineering industries, food processing and textile companies constantly need to replenish their ranks with valuable frames.Therefore, a young graduate of the respective schools and colleges can successfully apply for a job, even while still a student.

Here they are - popular profession (list):

  • laborers in the field;
  • car drivers;
  • construction sector workers (masons, concrete workers, plasterer, and so on.);
  • cleaners premises;
  • carpenters;
  • cook;
  • movers.

According to official data, in the huge demand of such specialists, but masters of their craft is in these fields is extremely small.

discharges working professions

for successful employment graduates from vocational schools, it is desirable to have some kind of skill level, it will guarantee him a higher salary and a better position.

Bits are assigned work by a special commission and employers demand of ideas and many years of professional experience.Enhance the skills can be due to the expansion of specialization.In each production his bit grid - from the initial (low-paid) to the highest (popular and valuable).

What's qualifier?

Someone or something has to divide workers on their specifics, adhering to specific rules.Therefore, there is such a thing as a classifier of working professions.Let us try to understand what it is.

Qualifier - a certain set of rules on specific criteria, which is designed NII (Scientific Research Institute), its specificity is the decision of the labor and social issues.Was entered in the USSR in 1987.

Qualifier trades workers engaged in job tasks on the calculation of the number of various professional people, accounts for and distributes footage of categories of staff, qualifications, depending on the specific working conditions, comparing the payroll and the need for institutions to them.

All questions on employment, all cash charges (salaries, pensions, and so on.), Employment and so on. D. It solves the above document.All operations are carried out on a specific set of rules in accordance with the institutionalized constraints.

structure classifier

He partitioned trade workers and office employees.The first consists of the occupations listed under the "ETCS" (reference works and professions).The second is designed based on "uniform nomenclature of professions of employees", "Qualified guide decision-making positions" existing regulations and other regulatory documents.

All positions are composed of several units: identification, classification and names of objects of the information section.

Professions classifier characterized by a number of features of the production methods and classes to the specifics of working conditions and the degree of mechanization.

referred to herein can find the details of any position and employment.

time to change attitudes!

Despite the lack of prestige of working professions, do not discount this option of education.Every year the good people become less and less.This profession is starting to become rare and in demand, which in turn is an increase in wages and a better attitude towards the professional.

Judge for yourself: first, teaching at the college takes much less time than in the institute or university, and secondly, the cost of such education is significantly lower than in higher education.Third, if you have the talent to some craft, in the future your work will bring you only pleasure, and your level of service will be assessed on merit.

A good option for graduates of vocational schools is to start their own business, opening a small (and in the future, maybe medium) business.So even better - to work on a much more pleasant and more profitable than any organization.

In general, the advantages of working professions, as they say, "there", but the choice is yours!