Recruitment - what it is: an efficient search for the employee or pointless spending money?

Everyone knows that the most valuable resource of any enterprise - this footage.Only people ensure smooth operation of modern machines, produce goods and services, and attract capital.In this regard, the question arises: recruitment - what is it?Bringing valuable employees or pay funds for the company's owners and the need of work?

Sovremnnye Staff search

Any business owner interested in a good staff, but where to find the right people?It is for this purpose designed equipment successful recruitment.

This buzzword recently entered our lexicon, but it has been firmly settled.So recruitment - what is it?This word refers to recruitment, which includes finding the right people and the organization of their training.Human resource agent, personnel manager - this phrase is synonymous with "recruiter."

Types recruitment by artist

who acts as a recruiter?There are two options.The first, more expensive for the company - the organization's own services, which searches for employees, selects among them the most worthy candidate, and teaches him.These technologies recruitment today are considered obsolete.

second option, more modern and less costly for businesses in need of employees - it is the individual service employment agency, the purpose of which is the selection of specific staff for each enterprise has made the order.

How do the recruitment agencies?

method of the firm recruitment is not a secret, although it is on the correct techniques used depend on the success of the enterprise market.Indeed, recruitment - what is it?First of all, it is an effective way of making money.

  1. Using the Internet.You can not take the job of an employee who does not want to get himself a prime location.For many, even the working people are in search of a new place, laying out their resumes to online directories.Recruiters regularly updated browsing directories.Although this method is not very effective because most of the resume belongs to graduates or not very experienced staff with unclaimed in the labor market specialties.
  2. headhunting.In English, this expression means "bounty hunting".Headhunting-recruitment - it's quite a hard way to "hold of" the necessary personnel, know not many.The recruiter does not just looking for the right person, it entices him from the old to the new place of work.Usually headhunters are trying to get an experienced employee in a managerial position to offer him a similar place on more favorable terms.For particularly valuable personnel Hedhantery get a good cash reward, usually at a rate of one to two salaries according to position.
  3. Niche recruitment.This technique involves the recruitment of staff for a very narrow specialization.For example, if your company is engaged in transportation, is to find a decent staff, your best bet is to contact the Human Resources Agency specializing exclusively on logistics.There is no doubt that recruiters know all about the features of your business, constantly communicate with specialists of this sphere and it will pick you relevant specialists.

How is the recruitment process?

In the first stage recruiters analyze the position you want to close, and make up a portrait of the future candidate.It should be said about the scope of "recruitment", which is a job for a subtle psychologist.It should be a pretty good idea on what position you are looking for the person and what the requirements are presented to him during the interview.

second step is to search for a candidate.For this purpose various techniques, including the summary view on the network, advertising, analysis of "passive candidates" and so on.

selected several potential employees recruiter will interview potential employees.Are evaluated separately, human communication skills, his experience and professional skills.

Leaving the three or four most suitable candidates, the recruiter brings them to the person who gave the order for the vacancy.Typically, at this stage shall be made final verdict on which of the candidates will take office.After that adopted by the position the employee held the adaptation of the company within a short period of time and begins to work.