What are the system requirements in Rust?

In today's world there are many different companies that are seriously engaged in the development of interactive entertainment for the gaming audience.Almost every day, come the announcements, festivals are organized every year the whole of computer games, and with each new project, we notice how much change the concept and graphics as entertainment are demanding and what freedom we offer creators of virtual worlds.But there is another side: the developers who have enthusiasm, but lack of funds.These developers are seeking help from the players themselves, and sometimes create the most real masterpieces, one of which is a multiplayer game Rust, scored a huge popularity among the players.It is a project created by the few people who were able to achieve a truly resounding success.The game exists in the market for a long time and significantly changed, and that means it's time to find out what are the system requirements at the Rust after the game went to a new engine and has at its disposal excellent graphics.Good or bad, that the developers have got quality equipment - it's for you personally.But look at the nice picture and admire technological progress is still enjoyable.

What's the game?

But before we talk about what the system requirements in Rust, is to understand that it represents this game.Rust - is a universal game project, which initiated the creation of the fashion game with an atmosphere of survival.In it you will take the role of an ordinary man, who will be engaged in various activities.She is searching for food, building houses, hunting, protection from other players, and more.Indeed, such a happy setting.Initially, the game was a simple and not very big simulator survival, now in the vast virtual world that there is a huge number of features that can be implemented according to your taste and desire.Along with this came new technical features that significantly raised the bar of requirements, but instead give a colorful and charming picture.It is not surprising that in Rust Experimental system requirements have increased significantly (Experimental - version of the game, meaning "rebirth" of the project).Have they become high?In some moments, yes, but also the opportunity to play on the machines also remained feeble.

Minimum technical requirements

So what are the system requirements in Rust?Minimum performance technical equipment does not cause fear and allow absolutely everyone to enjoy this game.To start at the "minimum salary" enough to have a simple single-core processor with 3.5 GHz and a graphics card of the previous generation (GT-120 or Radeon HD 2600 XT).RAM will not need a lot, enough to 2GB capacity.Regarding the Internet connection, the minimum value must be greater than 128 Kb / s.In Rust system requirements of this nature will allow unhindered play and have fun, though, the picture of the game will not be such as can be seen in the different surveys and video guide.But you will be able to compete and fight with other players, demonstrating excellence and achieving success.And now it's time to go to the most interesting question of whether, on what components can be "squeezed" out of the game a maximum quality.

Technical Requirements

in Rust Experimental system requirements are already beginning to amaze users.For example, to run at maximum settings will require a modern version of the operating system Windows 7. As for the processor, you will need Intel Dual-Core with a frequency of not less than 3 GHz.It will take a modern graphics card family GeForce (optional) with a model not earlier 600 series and the memory capacity of 2 GB.RAM to exceed the bar in 8GB and internet speed must be above 1 Mb / s.Perhaps in Rust system requirements will be even higher in 2-3 years, but what is required for comfortable playing those parts that we have listed.