Brad Pitt philosophizes and puts an end to a long-standing affair

Photo Brad Pitt will appear on the cover of the next issue of «Rolling Stone», which will be published and interviews.In it the actor says bitterly that all the people, and it is also, unfortunately, are mortal, and passionately defends his wife against accusations of manipulation of the press.Brad reiterated the statement Angelina that their romance began when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

In an interview, Pitt said, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" - his favorite film.And to the question, what is the reason, he replied: "Well, you know ... We have six children.Yes, I fell in love with her on the set of paintings! »

the remark that his children watch this film, Brad replied:" Not many people can boast that they saw a picture during the filming of which their parents fell in love! "

actor elaborated on the fact that the beginning to bother him after the shooting of the new film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", the protagonist is 50-year-old man suddenly starts to look younger.

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«We do not quarrel Angie - says Pitt.- During the filming of this movie, and after her mother's death in 2007 in my head firmly stuck the idea that the time will come - and we will not.I can not be with her more than ever, I can not see their children and friends, the people I love and respect.All of us will not.So I do not want to waste time arguing with those whom I love. "

when the actor was reminded of a recent article in the newspaper «New York Times», which said that Jolie controls the press, Brad became fervently to defend his wife: "For me, it sounds like Angie somehow manipulates the media.It infuriates me, and I rush into battle.After all, they blame not only the woman I love, but also a man who deeply respect.I believe that it is worthy of respect as anyone else. "

Then Brad added that thanks to the wife he just "hovering above the ground."

magazine reporter noted that during the interview the actor was very nervous and anxious all the time walking up and down the room.Never before has anything like this for Brad was not found, so this behavior seems quite odd.

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