Network Marketing, its main advantages.

Network Marketing is based primarily on the creation of a network of independent agents who are engaged in the sale of products and have the right to involve partners with similar rights.Representatives shall receive compensation as a percentage of products sold and a variety of bonuses that depend on the volume of sales agents who were involved.

sales in network marketing based on personal relationships agent.When selling goods to the buyer agent offers to become a partner and find a certain percentage of other buyers, they, in turn, offer goods to other customers, thus creating a multi-level network of partners.

in network marketing may be of interest to those people who are in need of extra money, and those who need a flexible work schedule.Earnings agent depends not only on sales, but on the number of partners involved.In network marketing, there are no subordination relationships.These companies made up the atmosphere of goodwill and mutual assistance.Network companies hold regular meetings and conferences to celebrate their representatives who have attained the greatest success, encourage and reward all sorts of prizes and gifts.

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multilevel network marketing is used by such well-known companies like Avon;Oriflame;Faberlic;Mary Kay;Amway;Tupperware, etc ..

main advantages of the network companies are:

- lower costs through direct sales directly (no need for large expenditures for rent and advertising goods)

-high sales efficiency by allocating product exclusivity (lack of tradepoints reduces the competitive environment, which is present in stores with a wide range of similar products)

- incentives to increase sales volumes by increasing payments to partners

- increasing the loyalty of customers who prefer to buy goods from those they know.

as advertising their goods distribution companies are using the Internet;The media (TV, radio);mobile services (SMS sending).SMS delivery - a service that allows for sending mass SMS messages to subscribers in a short period of time at a high speed.This service solves many tasks and performs as an advertising function and alarm function.

Sending SMS messages can be used in any industry to inform customers, clients and employees about current promotions on important events of the company.

SMS Distribution may be accomplished by site