Do I need a marketing department?

no secret that the cost of any service depends on how many resources are spent to deliver it.This may include, and the price of raw materials and wages of workers, and the costs associated with the payment of taxes, duties and fees.Thus, each company strives to reduce the incidence of these articles to maximize profits or to offer your product or service at a more attractive price for the consumer.

Speaking of the staff, each of them requires additional costs, which are expressed in the organization of jobs, insurance, vacation pay and sick leave, as well as additional payments, provided for by law.All this is very costly for the company.For this reason, it became a very popular use of the services of employees that operate remotely.

Marketing: qualitative and quantitative composition

number of marketing in the company is determined by the specifics of its activities, the breadth of geographical coverage and the number of social groups of the target audience.When the number of such employees is l

arge enough, there is a need for reorganization, created marketing department.The functions of such structural units of the company are described in a separate document.Of course, created by the marketing department to the organization requires a hierarchy that leads to an increase in the number of jobs for middle and senior managers.It is all greatly increases the cost of staff, it is trying to compensate for the increased efficiency of joint work of experts.

Outsourcing marketing

form of recruitment experts, in which the employee performs his duties, using their own equipment and are in their own room, called outsourcing.The position of the marketing department is not required due to the fact that each employee is subject to this type of device your boss directly.Earlier outsourcing was a very questionable way of working.The level of trust has grown with the development of business in the Internet.Now, almost every company has as part of its staff several units of employees working on this principle.In addition, a host of companies that conduct certain activities in the mode of providing outsourcing services.

marketing department, despite its specific features, can also be transferred to the remote operation mode.Of course, it is worth considering especially of a particular company.For example, if the marketing department itself consists of two or three people, it is quite possible that they will be more effective to cope with their responsibilities, rather than remote workers.At the same time, and the economic component of the issue can be in pole position, asthe cost of good professionals working in the mode of outsourcing is quite high.

Management Company assumes the obligation to make difficult decisions that can both improve the performance and cause harm.Therefore it is necessary to consider carefully all the global trends, as well as the opportunities provided by the environment surrounding the company.In any case, hiring an employee - is always a risk, so you should try different variants.