What is the most beautiful country in the world?

determine which is the most beautiful country in the world, is problematic, because the view - a subjective thing.Someone comes to the delight of the beauty of pristine nature, for someone of lights metropolis overshadows everything, and the others find the best spectacle of the boundless ocean on earth.Eminent world publications on the basis of judgments million tourists annually rating the most beautiful countries in the world.Let's find out who this year came in the top ten winners.

Italy - permanent leader of the rating

For decades, successive heads the list of 10 most beautiful countries in the world Italy.This is not surprising.Architecture, historical and contemporary works of art, beaches, mountain ranges, warm Mediterranean Sea, flora and fauna, the atmosphere and flavor - everything is fine on this peninsula in the shape of a boot.Every corner of the country is saturated with comfort and a special temperament.Rome, Florence, Milan and Naples, Palermo, Sorrento and, of course, Venice became a kind of mecca for tourists.

natural beauty of the region harmoniously intertwined with ancient and medieval architecture of cities.One of the most visited places is Venice.A gondola ride along the narrow streets of the water turns into an unforgettable adventure.

Rome.The thousand-year history of the Italian capital was reflected not only in the architectural monuments and museums, but also in the narrow streets of the city.Each brick breathes antiquity and grandeur of bygone times.

Milan - capital of fashion, attracting all shopaholics planet abundance of goods.

City five hundred domes - Naples - got its name from the abundance of churches and cathedrals.But his curiosity still remains an active volcano Vesuvius.

Wherever you go, Italy will welcome you and amaze with its beauty.

Silver rating

Interesting fact: according to many of the world celebrities, the most beautiful country in the world - Spain.Favourable geographical position of the Iberian peninsula favors mild climate, warm azure sea and lush vegetation.Spain - the absolute opposite of the European states.The architecture of the buildings and the rhythm of city life make it attractive for leisurely tourism.While passions easily provide flamenco and bullfights.

Many travelers believe that compared with the beauty of the Spanish Riviera, can only exotic beaches of India.

snowy slopes - a paradise for lovers of winter tourism and lovers of the beauty of the mountain peaks.

Granada, Cordoba, Madrid, Malaga, Toledo and Barcelona - Spanish cities where World Heritage sites, according to UNESCO, more than in any other country.

France.Million romantic places

Top of the most beautiful countries in the world as a bronze medalist closes exciting and romantic France.The heart of the state can be called Paris.He joined in all the delights of the most picturesque parts of Western Europe.There coexist bustling metropolis rhythm and monotony of the province.

country of fine wines, castles, high-speed trains, magic scents and fashion show attracts thousands of tourists.Naturally, having arrived in France just need to visit the capital, at least in order to climb the Eiffel Tower and feel like the lord of the world.Versailles and the Louvre - the majestic castles of French kings, bursting with luxury and beauty.

Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Nice welcome guests a warm climate, azure sea and luxury hotels.

lovers of extreme tourism tend to visit the snow-covered slopes of Corsica, enjoy the waterfalls and enjoy the incredible views of the fragrant nature.

Stylin and restrained England

This year many famous glossy magazines have decided to find out what the most beautiful countries in the world.List presented on their pages, different from the majority opinion, and yet it is worthy of attention.It hit Britain and France, Italy and Spain, Germany and Australia, the USA and South Africa, Brazil and Morocco, Switzerland and Norway.

Let's talk about England, all the more so in the current season, according to the magazine Forbes, its capital - London - was the most beautiful city in the world.Many tourists consider the United Kingdom and the local population is too arrogant, and yet it does not detract from the beauty of the view amazing country that holds not only their cultural heritage, but also natural wealth.

The more attractive this country?First of all, its locks.They are in England hundreds.And many of them have lost their original appearance and is open to the public as a museum.Pride States - Windsor Castle, majestic and beautiful - is striking in its architecture and interior decoration, built almost a thousand years ago, he keeps the secrets and legends of British monarchs.

Kostoulds small village like a fairytale town with its tiny houses, overgrown with ivy.The narrow streets are always nemnogolyudny.All this splendor surrounds the provincial green forests.

come to the UK, be sure to visit Ireland and Scotland.The beauty of these places will not leave indifferent not a single person.

Australia - paradise on earth

Not surprisingly, the most beautiful country in the world playing on contrasts.They are wild, virgin nature blends harmoniously with the modern world.They coexist, without violating the borders of each other.And in Australia, the largest island and the smallest continent, gathered rare flora and fauna, and the cities of this country can compete with any renowned metropolis.

kangaroo and ostrich, rare species of birds, the Great Barrier Reef, the hills and the Tasmanian poppy fields - natural attractions of this unique continent.

Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast - clean cities in the world, which are the most famous sporting events.The architecture of these megacities fascinates with its originality.Night scenery of Australia are not less attractive.The city is permeated with the light of night lights and spotlights.

Ocean and huge waves attract surfers from all over the world.On the west coast of Australia are the most extreme competition in windsurfing.The beaches are almost wild, so that all lovers of solitude and beautiful seascapes try to visit this place.

majestic and eternal Germany

most beautiful countries in the world each year attract thousands of tourists.The list of the most visited attractions thanks, natural resources and cultural heritage came and Germany.Despite its difficult past, the state was able to rise from the ashes, to preserve the history and increase welfare.Today, Germany - one of the most stable countries in the world.

Modern architecture cleverly adds historical monuments.And the unforgettable natural landscapes and green spaces, cleverly furnished, even in major cities, make you forget that you are in the center of Europe.Especially rave reviews is German architecture of the past centuries.Cathedral and castle, Germany simply has no analogues.Cologne Cathedral - one of the monumental buildings in the Gothic style.The beauty and majesty of this temple indescribable.Berlin Cathedral amazes parishioners and guests a rich interior.Almost every architectural monument in Germany relate some tales.

independent and untamed beauty of the United States

For Americans, the most beautiful country in the world - is, of course, their homeland.And with that conviction could accept every person who visited the continent of democracy and equality.A country with a variety of modern architecture, mountain ranges, blue lakes, kilometers of beaches, warm ocean, the lush vegetation on the islands will not leave anyone indifferent.

From modern buildings shocked by its grandeur bridges in San Francisco, Brooklyn, and New York.Natural Monument Grand Canyon in Arizona - the deepest abyss in the world.Niagara Falls - a sight that just does not describe in words - a huge mass of water, with the roar of flying into the abyss, it fascinates all travelers.Every major city has its own parkland, nature reserves and zoos.The representatives of flora and fauna in the United States are radically different from their European counterparts.United States - a country that surprises and amazes.


Brazil Brazil immediately conquers all travelers who came to enjoy its sights and feel the searing color.Natural treasures of the state annually attract millions of travelers.It is not surprising, since many tourists visit the unusual terrain, believe that this is the most beautiful country in the world.Iguazu Falls, Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio, the National Park Lençóis Maranhenses,null, Pantanal, Amazon and hundreds of mysterious and unique natural treasures found here.The architectural and cultural heritage of the state is shrouded in a special charm.Once seen the statue of Christ in Rio, it is simply impossible to forget.

Nordic Sweden

Sweden - it is one of the most developed, cultural, stable and beautiful countries in the world.Snow-covered mountain massifs, deep lakes, amazing nature, air, medieval castles, forests and the unhurried way of life - it's Sweden with her Nordic variety.

symbol of this country - Stockholm, a city on the islands.Its architecture is sustained in the same style, starting with the Cathedral and ending with municipal buildings.Another feature of the Swedish - is its women.He argued that here live the most beautiful girls in the world.Countries in which there are the same number of women with model looks, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.The three leaders of Ukraine and the United States turned out to be.


South Africa South Africa - a storehouse of natural attractions, unique in its kind.Cape of Good Hope - one of the most visited.Kristenbonsh - Botanical Garden in Cape Town - one of the biggest in the world, here are collected all the rare species of flora of the continent.Kruger National Park has collected the most dangerous fauna of the continent.Table Mountain - is another oddity of nature in this area.The flat top of the hill attract travelers.

Our review covered the most beautiful countries in the world.Photos presented in the article, will allow readers to enjoy the sights of these amazing countries.