Best Universities in Omsk

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Education highest level possible to obtain not only in the capital.Universities in Omsk also possible to obtain high-quality knowledge and sought after profession.Moreover, some of them boast a hundred years of history.What is particularly prestigious institutions?

Omsk State Agrarian University

Enumerating Omsk universities, we should start with OmGAU.The university was opened in 1918 and still operates at the highest level.For non-resident students are given a place in a hostel.Entrants offer training in several areas: agronomy, agricultural chemistry, soil science, veterinary medicine, water management and construction, zoo engineer, land management, technical services and technology of milk and dairy products.In addition, there is a humanitarian and mathematical, economic and merchandising departments.Students are given the opportunity to study full-time or for receiving instruction in absentia.Payment in the second case is markedly reduced.

Omsk State Pedagogical University

those students who want to be associated with learning and pedagogy all my life, it is possible to choose for education Omsk.Universities, a list of which is quite large, and includes teaching.OSPU running since 1932 and has not only a certain number of faculties and two institutes: Arts and continuing professional education.Destinations offered by applicants include higher business school, geography, history, mathematics, foreign languages, computer science, pedagogy, psychology, economics and management, physics, philology, philosophy, chemistry and biology.Students from other cities can count on a place in the hostel.Graduates can continue their education in graduate school.In OSPU have both day and extramural studies, and the final cost significantly less for both undergraduate and for the magistracy.

Omsk State Technical University

considering different universities of Omsk, applicants interested in physics or mechanics, it is worth paying attention to OmSTU.Founded in 1941, Technical University provides demanded first-class education.Like other universities of Omsk, the budget places OmSTU offered on a competitive basis based on the results of the unified state exam.The structure of the educational institution includes a variety of institutions: life safety, military-technical, additional education, distance education, engineering, petrochemical and energy.In addition, applicants can choose between radio-technical, humanitarian, economic departments and areas of pre-university training, information technology and computer systems, transport, oil and gas, as well as elite education and master's degree.

Omsk State University.FMDostoevsky

the list, including the best universities of Omsk and the Omsk State University should add the name of Dostoevsky.The university was founded in 1974.It provides the opportunity to obtain a first higher education and specialized secondary.As part of an educational institution operates Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology.Omsk universities, public and private, always offer a wide range of faculties entrant.This University is not an exception is areas such as the historical, social, humanitarian, foreign languages, computer science, culture and arts, international business, training, psychology, philology and Media Communications, physics, chemistry, economics, law.

Omsk State Transport University

Finally, we should mention OmGUPS.Many universities are based in Omsk in the last century, but this is the oldest university - he appeared in 1900.It applicants are given the opportunity to obtain first higher education.As part of the Omsk State Transport University has four of the institute.First - automation, telecommunications and information technology, the so-called IATIT.Second, CPMM Institute of Management and Economics.The third deals with retraining and qualification called IPKP.Finally, the fourth is a scientific research institute.In addition, there are OmGUPS departments as mechanical, heat and power, pre-university training and vocational guidance, and electromechanical.Separately, it is worth noting the correspondence form.By the way, tuition on it two times less than when visiting full-time university.For students preparing for the unified state exam, operate specialized training courses.