Development of the marketing mix

Marketing is a special kind of human activity, which is aimed at meeting the needs and requirements, which are carried out through an exchange.According to this marketing activity is seen in the following aspects: to achieve the maximum consumption, maximum satisfaction from consumers, providing the largest possible selection, and finally to maximize the quality of life.The organization of the company takes a great place to develop the marketing mix.This term first introduced by Professor Neil Borden in 1953.It represents the development of all the details related to the goods, that is being developed marketing mix.Marketing is a complex set of factors by which the firm impact on the demand of the goods.The composition of the marketing mix is ​​different for different industries.There are numerous opportunities in this area, which can be connected in four main groups, namely - the goods, the price of the marketing mix, methods of distribution and promotion.This product is a set of services and products that the company provides to the market.Each type of product involves a new, individual style of the marketing mix.Price of the marketing mix is ​​the amount you pay to get the goods.His instrument is the pricing strategy, ieprice, discounts, payment terms.Methods of propagation is a complex activity, the meaning of which is the establishment of product contact for consumers.With the use of incentives, the company disseminates information about the positive qualities of the goods and this encourages consumers to purchase its products.The complex of marketing in the European reality, most often it is seen in the form of the principle of "four pi", iecombination of the above four components.The company promotes and advertises your product using a variety of special events, in other words the company organizes the promotion of their goods, in order to increase demand and marketability.There are many construction products, which have an impact on the development of the marketing mix.The definition of goods is something that can be used to meet the needs and requirements.It offers the market to buy and consume.After completion of the development of the marketing mix, the firm should make an effort to accurate record keeping product marketing expenses.Marketing is constantly directs the activities of the company on the market, ie,defines the current demand, forecast demand, selects the parts of the market that need to focus sales of goods.The firm must ensure the achievement of the information about the product and its positive qualities to the consumer, ie,the firm must develop a profile as advertising in the marketing mix.Thereby increase sales and demand for goods.Advertising in the marketing mix can be done in different ways: via radio, television, newspapers, magazines, posters, brochures ... Classification of marketing can be represented in two ways, namely the type of goods and the condition of the goods.In the development of product policy always have to watch out for innovative technologies to ensure the quality and competitiveness of the product, create and optimize the product portfolio, and create efficient packaging, analyze and manage ZHTST.So in this article we examined topics such as the development of the marketing mix, the price in the marketing mix, advertising in the marketing mix.All these aspects of marketing, especially the development of the marketing mix, require mandatory study at the business ventures, particularly in the trade and distribution of goods.