Advocates of "out"

As is known, the court and other law enforcement agencies are to stand guard over the law and defend the truth.However, for one reason or another it is not always and everywhere possible to do.And then the truth protects something mysterious, not giving any explanation.

In 1967, a well-known mafia and drug lord Tony Givena drove through his dark affairs in the American city Hatvord.Here, a local bar, he liked a nice enough young lady.The girl, in spite of all his attentions, was completely inaccessible.But Tony knew how to deal with such proud, and never lost hope of winning.All ended well, as expected of a young man - soon they already went to his room.However, the joy was premature Tony - woman here went on to pose as touchy.

Never before was refused, this time mobsters just went berserk.In the end, well after drinking, he just shot the woman.Just five minutes later arrived at the scene by police.It would seem that now the drug lord can not get away, even I found a witness who saw Givena took the girl in his room.For that he will inevitably threaten the electric chair.

Soon killer was in a local prison.But the mafia did not lose hope - he called from New York, his lawyer Robert Neumann.He was friends with similar types and for very good money they defended superbly.Money was Tony, and a lot, and not to sit on the electric chair, he did not regret the money.But the lawyer has to work so much money - so everything was clean, the witness, moreover, the only one to be dead!However, the number is not passed - the police has provided such an option, and the woman was safely hidden from prying eyes.When this became known to the accused, he was furious and vowed Neumann pull him along.However, a criminal lawyer, was not discouraged - for 300 thousand dollars, he found three false witnesses who will give a hundred percent on the court an alibi for Giveny.He agreed without hesitation - he valued his life more expensive.

false witness will be punished

Robert Neumann began for the implementation of its plan.Find three bastards that money will comply with all the conditions, it was pretty easy.The first was the owner of a witness by the name of a sports shop Devine.At trial, he had to testify that before the closure of the store, that is,at the time of the murder, came a man who chose a long dumbbell.Buyer it is well to remember, as because he had to close shop much later - it was the defendant Toni Givena.Another false witness was a middle-aged woman, who by chance at the same time was in the same store.It was kind of Clara Buldi, ready for money to say anything, and then a huge sum.Third volunteered a young man named Edward Norman.For a poor student it was just a gift of fate.After a detailed briefing, the lawyer went on a date with his client, which informed him of the results of its work.He was ecstatic.

Finally came the day of reckoning.The only witness of the prosecution gave exhaustive incriminating evidence, after which the court went on to examine witnesses protection.However, none of the three witnesses did not appear in court.The only thing I could do in this situation Neumann - a petition to postpone the hearing to another day.The next day was unusually rich in sensations.Firstly, it turned out that late at night on the eve of trial student Edward Norman something repaired in his apartment and accidentally came under pressure.The corpse was already night lying in the morgue.As for the seller, it is also the eve of the trial, he decided to take a bath.However, whether it is too hot, or swallowed water, but he suddenly became ill.As it turned out, Devine's heart stopped and he died right in the tub.Clara Buldi already hurried to the appointed time to the court and, therefore, must have been inattentive.Along the way she got into an accident and was taken to the intensive care unit.There, without regaining consciousness, the woman died.

The only thing a lawyer in such a situation could help his client - to ask the court for clemency.March 3, 1969 the governor rejected clemency petition Giveny Tony and he was sent to the electric chair.

case with the artist

inexplicable and mysterious "something" as originally defending the truth, apparently, sometimes shifts his mission on this or that person.This tragic and at the same time, an unusual thing happened in St. Petersburg at the end of the XIX century.The whole town was shocked when the villainous murder committed in the attic of a house on Vasilyevsky Island.Killed was 14-year-old girl.On his feet were raised by the best detectives of St. Petersburg, all the police officers involved, but the crime remained unsolved yet.The public is also required to find and severely punish the criminal.Shocked by this event, a well-known St. Petersburg artist he decided to visit the scene of the crime ...

When he finished, the canvas was depicted gloomy attic in the foreground which could see the torn body strangled the girl.The painting depicted a murderer, although the artist with him had never met.It was the moment the personification of evil: a stocky, bearded monster repulsive hideous face with a big slobbery mouth.Especially striking is low, as in Pithecanthropus, forehead, protruding lower jaw and small, close-set eyes.

But the most surprising was the fact that at the start of work on the painting from the artist suddenly had some difficult inspiration, and the hand itself began to apply swabs putty.The picture was so real and fascinating, it was decided to place it on the show.

One day, when there were especially many people in the room all of a sudden there was a heart-rending cry.It turned out that some type by looking at the painting suddenly cried out wildly and huddled into convulsions and fell to the floor.The audience ran up to him, were simply amazed: in front of them lay a murderer ... with pictures!The resemblance was so stunning that no one not even doubt that it is a criminal.Police arrived at the exhibition, a strange visitor immediately confessed to the criminal murder.His surprise knew no bounds: "What happened, who could sketch me to this terrible moment?I can not imagine!It's kind of an obsession, some hell. "

terrible discovery Princess

This story also occurred in Russia in the late XIX century.Once the Princess Alexandra Kakhovskaya drove to the estate of his longtime friend, a retired warrant officer Episheva.He was known as a big fan of performing arts, the theater, and had a small troupe of actors.

Grushenka Meshkova In one of his serfs actresses just doted.Alexandra Feodorovna met the butler and said that Grushenka ran away and his master, sad, left the estate.But since then, in the empty house supposedly settled for a ghost.Intrigued by this story, Kakhovskaya decided to stay to spend the night.

middle of the night the fearless Princess in the doorway I saw a transparent figure of a woman dressed in white, who beckoned her with him.After leaving the house, the figure went deep into the garden and stood silently near the trees.After a moment, she seemed melted into air.The next morning Kakhovskaya ordered to carry out excavations at this site, and from the land was taken out half-decayed corpse of a woman.The servants knew Grushenka.Despite this incredible argument Countess, the court found all these facts deserve attention.Epishev was later spotted and pressure just such extraordinary evidence was forced to confess to the murder out of jealousy.

What kind of force, and the force of the righteous shall scoundrels and villains a cruel but a just verdict, and contributes to their well-deserved punishment?That being said, information for consideration.

Vladimir LOTOHIN

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