Sirius - a planet or a star in the constellation?

The brightest celestial body that people can see from Earth is Sirius - a star in the constellation Canis Major.It has a mass more than two times greater than the sun, and emits light brighter than twenty-fold compared with it.No special devices from any point on Earth, except extreme northern latitudes, you can see Sirius.Earth and the solar system are located from it within 8.6 light-years, which is approximately 9 trillion 460 billion kilometers.Closer is only Alpha Centauri.The temperature of the star is 9600 degrees (the Sun it is almost five thousand five hundred).

Sirius associated legends, religious cults, he waited with aliens and brothers on reason.

When they opened this star

Sirius described Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations mentioned in the Greek mythology and the Koran.Him and still know some African tribes, "did not rise to the bait of the civilized world" and its authenticity preserved since ancient times.

In the Middle Ages, European and Arab astronomers Sirius and fourteen stars attached special magical significance.British because of the mad Charles II were convinced that it is very bad for the people.

never any question: Sirius - a star or a planet?Too large and grandiose scale it.Moreover, it is known that, as a star, a celestial body has its own planetary system.


Sirius in Greek means "brilliant", "bright".However, the ancient peoples of the world in different ways call this star.Sirius - the planet of the gods, and to this day for the Dogon, an African tribe.The Greeks called him Pesey star as the legends believed the dog of Orion, who was taken up to heaven with the owner after his death.The Chinese called it Lang (Wolf), and the Romans - a vacation, a small dog.It was seen in the sky in hot summer days.They declared holidays and rest.Few students probably know that their summer release "involved" Sirius (the star).What color is it?Interestingly, in ancient times, described Sirius as a celestial body is bright red, although it currently emits cold blue glow.Sumerian its name - Arrow.She has appeared in a frosty night in the sky, fiery as copper.

On the island of New Zealand, Tuhoe people call this star Antares.But the majority of people today it is known as Sirius.

Earth and Sirius: how to find a star in the night sky

The easiest way to see Sirius from the Earth in the winter and spring.In the autumn it will be shown only late at night.

To see Sirius, you must first find the constellation Orion, then his belt, consisting of three stars.Moving to the left of them, about twenty degrees (the distance from the thumb to the little finger), you will immediately see a large emitting cold glow of a celestial body.

Sirius A and Sirius B

In 1844 it was proved that there is an invisible at the time for the people "companion" of the star Sirius.Planet it was or not, found after almost twenty years, in 1862, when it was possible for the first time to see him.It was the second star, called Sirius B. The first also came to mean a refinement of "A".

ask questions about what Sirius star or planet, scientists have found that a celestial body is a white dwarf.Despite its small size, it has about the same mass as the Sun, being very heavy because of the high percentage of density.One teaspoon of matter there weighs five tons.The temperature in this old star is about twenty-five thousand degrees.Sirius B rotates around Sirius A. The distance between them varies from eight to thirty-AU.Once these features have been investigated, doubt that is a Sirius (a star or planet) has not occurred.

Most of these cosmic bodies consists of hydrogen, which is under the influence of heat is converted into helium.The process can last for billions of years.Having spent all the hydrogen fuel, the star begins to burn helium, becoming a red giant.When a process is completed, the outer layers explode and form a planetary nebula, the center of which there is a white dwarf.In this state, even though the star continues to shine, but does not produce more energy, gradually cools down and becomes a cold dark ash.Scientists believe that Sirius B has become a white dwarf is 120 million years ago.

big star now in a state of burning its hydrogen.After that, it also turns into a red giant at first, and then - a white dwarf.Age star is 230 million years old.She rushes to the solar system at a speed of 7.6 kilometers per second, so it will glow becomes brighter with time only.

Which constellation belongs

Sirius - the star of the constellation?Previously we believed that it belongs to the Ursa Major moving group, which consists of 220 celestial bodies, united by the same age and a similar character movement.Currently, however, such a conglomeration fell apart, and now it is not bound by gravity.Later, the researchers concluded that Sirius is much younger than the mentioned clusters, and therefore is not representative of such.

also put forward the theory that he, as well as the star Beta Aurigae, Gemma, beta Bowls, courses and beta Snakes, was the representative of the alleged superclusters of Sirius, one of the three large clusters that are within500 light-years from the sun.The other two are called the Pleiades and the Hyades.

now believed that Sirius - a star in the constellation Canis Major.It is where the brightest cosmic body.


the second brightest star in the constellation is Mirza, meaning "forerunner", as he appears before the rising of Sirius.

Another unique cosmic body is eclipsing variable, which is denoted by UW.It is very rare supergiants, which are due to close distance to each other acquired form ellipses.They are the heaviest of all the currently known stars, in excess of the Sun's mass is almost thirty times, and the Earth - 10 million times.


Near Sirius 25 degrees above, you can see Procyon.This star is the eighth brightest in our sky.In Greek her name means "before the dog", t. To. She goes back in the Northern Hemisphere before Sirius.Procyon is part of the constellation Canis Minor.

Earthlings Sirius

Egyptian pyramids are constructed so that the starlight falls on their altars.Priests on the basis predicted the flood of the Nile.The period between sunrise geliakticheskimi considered their calendar year.

wisest sacred creature Rehua in Maori mythology it represents Sirius, who lives on the top, the tenth heaven.He is able to revive the dead and cure any disease.Watching Sirius in the sky, the Maori believed that they had seen Rehua, wise in the universe.

In the Holy Scriptures for the Muslim religion - the Quran, which appeared in the seventh century, describes a system of Sirius in a form in which it was discovered, scientists in the 19th century.

A Dogon (African tribe) was aware of the existence of the second star long before the scientific discovery.These people are well aware of the device of the Sirius, but considers it a three celestial bodies.He knows that Sirius turnaround time is 50 years.The Dogon have also noted a great festival dedicated to the gods from the star Sirius.Earth for them is the same as it was many centuries ago, as they do not enjoy any benefits of civilization, while remaining aloof from it.Nevertheless, they are well known as the dimensions and weight of the star, and the device of the solar system, and even the big bang theory.

According to one legend the tribe to Earth sometime Homme arrived, bringing two sets of twins, four.Homo sapiens is not whether it was?And if not four future of the human race descended from the twins?

Today, some scientists hypothesize that on a planet of Sirius, maybe there is life.

"Planet" Sirius and Earth - communication.Esoteric

On the Internet you can find articles that are allegedly Sirian messages.They write that they are the guardians of our planet and, without interfering with the process of human development, taking care however about it.

Some give advice to people do not kill each other and the land on which they live, while others talk about the world in their homeland.Still others say that they are not gods to people, and only want to help us to become full members of the space community, with which humanity today can not be due to the large amount of negative energy accumulated in the planet and the people.Others warn that not all of them sympathetic, but some may appear in the form of spiritual teachers or ascended masters binding channeled, in fact pursuing their hidden agenda.So

communicate "planet" Sirius and Earth.Contact (spirituality claims so) can take place directly.

should also be borne in mind that not all ancient peoples considered alien to this constellation highly spiritual entities and gods, carrying the light.History may correspond many times in favor of the objectives of those in power.Therefore, some artifacts can even be manipulated.

So, contrary to popular praise Sirian, Slav conservatives, for example, say that according to their information, to Africa came from this star Satanail aliens.They gave the priests of knowledge by introducing the cult and banned pronounce the name of their home, replacing it with many others.Therefore, it may be, in fact, Sirius - the star Satanail.