How nice to make up nails at home?

without a perfect manicure is difficult to imagine the image of a modern woman.But unfortunately, not everyone can afford to go and see it every day in the lounge for procedures.How to be?Do all of the home.It is difficult only at first.How nice to make up nails at home?There are a few secrets.

Secret number 1

Which hand do you usually do manicure in the first place?According to statistics, 90% of women begin the procedure with the left hand (the left-hander from the right).Why is that?This is more comfortable.Here lies the first secret.Manicure, painting nails better than his weak hand on the drive.First, the fuse will be enough for the whole process.Secondly, the hands do not get tired so much.Third, get neater.How to make up the most beautiful nails?If you are right handed, boldly begin to paint their names on the right hand.

Secret number 2

Have you paid attention to how you are doing yourself a manicure?With a finger you start?In a chaotic manner and without hesitation?The second secret is that you need to start with the little finger.What manicure that nail polish.Why the little finger?Start a simple process easier from small to large, from simple to complex, gradually.Pinky nail plate is smaller working surface is small.How nice to make up nails at home fast?Feel free to start to put polish on a little finger and beyond.Thumb leave alone.On both hands.These nails painted all the latest, leading first to the hand, then on the weak.So they will be difficult to lubricate or inadvertently hurt.

Secret number 3

to your fingers longer sparkled flawless coverage, you need to spend a little preliminary work.Firstly, the need to file the nails.Second, push the cuticle.Third, to remove the shine from the nail plate.This can be done soft buff natural nails, and then treat them with a degreaser.And then you can apply foundation for a manicure.Without it we can not do, otherwise there is a risk to spoil your nails color pigments of the lacquer.Cuticle oil can lubricate already after the beauty of point and dry.How nice to make up nails at home faster?Use special drying for a varnish.This can be a liquid detergent, LED-lamp or a lamp with a small manicure LED.No hairdryer!It is too dry nail polish, and it will soon burst.

Secret number 4

How many layers of varnish you usually apply?To manicure last longer, layers should not be more than three.One of them - the base.If the finish of thick, it is better to apply a thin layer several times to saturation.Before you make up your nails beautiful - photo examples can peek in the Journal - choose yourself a few basic colors.Of these, then chooses the best option for you.To nail polish shine, you can make up a protective coating with ultraglyantsem.This not only helps protect your manicure, but also give it a special game in the world.

So, how nice to make up nails at home?Treat nails, prepare them for coating, apply varnish.Brush the edge of butylki pressing need to remove the excess.If you accidentally smeared nail or cuticle, or hit the side of the roller, then just remove excess manicure pencil or a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.