How to treat uterine fibroids without surgery: methods, reviews

Quite often the fair sex have to deal with diseases that affect their reproductive organs.Typically, these pathologies occur between the ages of twenty to thirty-five years.However, this does not mean that in a later period, and post-menopausal woman is fully protected from diseases.In this article you'll learn all about uterine cancer and its treatment.Many of the fairer sex are afraid to go to the doctor because of the possible surgery.Next will be described, whether in the treatment of uterine fibroids without surgery.


Myoma is a benign tumor.Only in very rare cases, it can be reborn in the oncologic process.In fact, genital organ has several layers.On top of it is lined by connective tissue.After it is a muscular layer, which tends to decrease.Next is the mucous membrane that monthly bleeding.

fibroids often formed from the middle layer genitals.However, they can grow into the uterus or leaving the peritoneal cavity.In the second case, they are preferred to correct surgically.Often patients raises the question: "Is it possible to treat uterine fibroids without surgery?"Doctors say that such a correction is possible.

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Thus, we consider how to treat uterine fibroids without surgery.

Use of derivatives 19 norsteroidov

Before you treat uterine fibroids without surgery such drugs, it is necessary to pass a preliminary examination.Often, it involves the study of hormonal background, diagnostic ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.

essence of this type of correction is that the drugs ("Norkolut" "Orgametril" "Nemestran", etc.) contribute to reduction in size of reproductive organ.Fibroids, respectively, becomes smaller.The disadvantage of this treatment is its duration.The above funds are often appointed for a period of six months.This should be carried out regular monitoring of the sites.The drugs most often appointed from the fifth to the fifteenth day of the menstrual cycle.In the case of menopause selected individual regimen.Prolonged absence of the effect may be connected to estrogen.

use antigonadotropiny

treatment of uterine fibroids without surgery (medication) may include a course of taking drugs such as "Gestrion", "Danazol ',' Zoladex ',' Buserelin" and so on. N. The lack of such correctionit is relatively expensive cost.This therapy is prescribed for a period of six months.

essence of this method is that under the influence of the above drugs in women often occurs an artificial menopause.The endometrium ceases to grow, and the bleeding stopped.In most cases, fibroids are reduced about half.A woman may be noted that all the symptoms of disease disappeared.However, after discontinuation of therapy and recovery of menstrual function uterine fibroids can strengthen its growth and will soon buy a much larger size than before the treatment.Often such therapy is used before surgery.In this case, it can be very effective.

Oral contraceptives

If made treatment of uterine fibroids without surgery, drugs can be administered as follows: "Janine", "Diane-35", "Novinet" and so on.. All these drugs are hormonal oral contraceptives.This correction method is not suitable for women who want to conceive.Many physicians do not recognize the effectiveness of these agents in the treatment of uterine fibroids.However, there is a group of experts, who believe that using such a correction can halt the growth of tumors.

essence of this treatment is that there is a change in hormonal levels and the inhibition of the ovaries.As a result, converted muscle and mucosal layers of the uterus.The woman said that menstruation become less abundant, and anxious symptoms virtually disappeared.

Effects on blood vessels

How to treat uterine fibroids?Treatment without surgery can be carried out with the help of special equipment.This method is called "emobilizatsiya arteries."There was this way even in the eighties of the twentieth century.However, at the time it was used to stop bleeding.Later, experts have noticed that the therapy may influence the fibroids.

essence of the procedure is as follows.The patient is administered a catheter into the femoral artery.Under the control devices (ultrasonic device or scanner) hose moves up, reaching the uterine vessels.After that, the introduction of a special solution or other lock.The vessel is blocked and blood flow that feeds the myoma node stops.The patient can leave the hospital the wall almost immediately after the procedure.The procedure contributes to shrinkage of the tumor sites.As a consequence, they are not deleted, but merely reduced to microscopic size and become nodules.

FUS ablation (focused ultrasound)

Talking about how to treat uterine fibroids without surgery, it is necessary to talk about another method.It is worth noting that he has a lot of contraindications.Thus, the manipulation is not carried out in patients of childbearing age.There is also a high risk of short-term effect after the procedure.In some cases, fibroids, not only return to their size, but are considerably larger than they were before treatment.

essence of the procedure is that the tumor effects produced by ultrasonic waves.At the same time closely monitor the course of the operation.Most often it uses magnetic resonance or computed tomography.

use of herbs to treat

When mild symptoms and treatments of uterine fibroids folk remedies is not contraindicated, can be very effective receiving infusions of herbs.Many women speak about the effectiveness of this method.It is most useful for those patients whose tumor size do not exceed a few millimeters.

Take in equal proportions the following dehydrated plants: chamomile, hawthorn, Leonurus, St. John's wort, immortelle, calendula.Pour the mixture into a thermos and add five hundred milliliters of boiling water.Then close the lid of the device and leave it in this condition for twelve hours.Then strain the broth and take half a glass before meals up to three times a day.Rate this correction may last up to one month.

Application rhizomes

How to treat uterine fibroids without surgery?Reviews of women say that a wonderful tool in the fight against disease is most common burdock.For the preparation of healing tools you need to take root plants, grind it and dry.Then pour one teaspoon of the composition in a thermos and pour three cups of boiling water there.Allow the solution to stand for eight hours.Then take the prepared substance by two hundred milliliters four times per day.The treatment is one month.Then you need to take a little break and then repeat the procedure.

Burdock great fights uterine bleeding of various origin.It normalizes the cycle and helps to reduce fibroids.Remember that the effect of the treatment you will get only if you regularly use the structure.

Flowers against uterine fibroids

Many women say that they helped to cope with the problem of a flower aloe.Cooking should be part of the healing follows.Take a teaspoon of honey and heat it.It is advisable to use a liquid substance.Then add the juice of aloe.If you have no home of this plant, it can be purchased at the nearest part of the pharmacy network.Thoroughly mix the solution and put it on a normal pad.

need to embed it in the vagina for an hour or two.Repeat manipulation desirable to five times a day.Before each use, you need to prepare a new mixture.

Reviews of the treatment of uterine fibroids without surgery

Doctors say that the most effective way to correct a blockage of the uterine arteries.In some cases, this method is combined with a drug therapy.Also, experts say that traditional therapies may not only be ineffective, but also quite dangerous.That is why gynecologists and oncologists strongly recommend the fairer sex find a way to correct yourself.

Women argue that drug treatment methods often produce a lot of side reactions.Thus, according to reviews, the introduction of an artificial menopause patients experienced severe discomfort in the form of hot flushes, mood swings and depression.That is why the ladies often prefer to use the old wives tested recipes for the treatment of uterine fibroids.

In conclusion, you now know what uterine fibroids and how to treat it without surgery.If you encounter this problem, you should not put off a visit to the doctor.In some cases, fibroids can grow with great speed.This patient did not manage to avoid surgery, which is the most difficult and traumatic way to treat disease.I wish you health!