Marketing objectives: that the basis

Marketing - an ordered system of planning production volume, price determination, as well as the range of products and its distribution in the market, whose main objective is to satisfy the needs.It is the satisfaction of human needs is the foundation of marketing.

marketing objectives can be divided into basic and advanced.The principal applies primarily analytical.After all, before you produce the goods, it is necessary to study the market, its structure, the consumption of this product.

production target of marketing involve the organization of material and technical supply, management of competitive products, its quality.Provided the purpose of marketing and sales, the essence of which is to organize the movement of goods, creating demand, sales system, as well as sales promotion products.This includes product and pricing and service organization.

also plays an important role management component (target), which is the proper organization of the communications system, the implementation of the

principles of effective management and control, and risk management.Managerial marketing objectives, primarily designed to improve the internal infrastructure of the enterprise and imply, inter alia, training of staff, introduction of new technologies and the proper construction of the control system.

analyzing the main purpose of marketing, you can also highlight a few of them.In particular, the target market, which are in continuous search of new promising markets, as well as capturing a dominant position in an existing market.

With regard to the proper formation of the pricing policy, stimulate the growth of sales through competent advertising campaigns, improvement of product quality, as well as studying the needs of the population, all this is part of providing target marketing.

Still in first place among the goals is to provide successful implementation of the goods and services.After all, the main task - to stimulate the sale, interested buyers in the acquisition of a product in order to obtain greater profits.

also necessary to maximize consumer choice, which is to create a wide range of products that can meet any need.It is also necessary to maximize customer satisfaction.It is not just the increase in sales and the growth of customer satisfaction.

In connection with the development of the World Wide Web is becoming increasingly important Internet marketing.The essence of it - in the implementation of key policies and strategies on the Internet.The goals of internet marketing in many ways reminiscent of the usual marketing goals, but with the online component.In particular, the creation of a competent project, promotion of goods through the network, as well as attracting and, importantly, retaining customers through online information about products.With Boarding can actively support the company's image, and carry out the necessary surveys.

to marketing objectives have been successfully achieved, and their performance was real, they must be in an accessible way to reach each employee.The main task - is an expression of the goals in a quantitative form to staff members clearly understand that they will get in return when the task at hand.

Marketing objectives are achieved through the creation of a positive image of the company, a significant increase in profits and sales volumes, as well as the dominance of the competition.