Why laptop heats up during operation?

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Perhaps it is no exaggeration if we say that laptops are now becoming almost the main types of computers at home, displacing the traditional landline system units with monitors.The laptop has not only its undeniable advantages, but also disadvantages, from which no escape.

One of the problems - repair.More precisely, to repair the laptop is much more difficult, especially difficult to repair or diagnose the house.Most often, users face the problem of high temperature and are wondering why the laptop heats up?

Reasons heat

During laptops generate heat, the amount of which depends on the load.Processor, video card and other components of energy used to perform the tasks assigned to them.A side effect is the high heat.

For the stability of your computer require powerful fans that are able to ensure heat dissipation.So why is heated laptop?Indeed, the presence of a powerful cooler is not yet a guarantee that temperatures will remain in the normal range.

However, there may be several reasons:

  • cooler out of order and does not support the desired speed of rotation.
  • Inside the notebook has accumulated a lot of dust, which hinders the movement of air.
  • High ambient temperature or closed from the outside air duct openings.
  • extremely high load and heat generation for the model of the cooler.

This is the main reasons that explain why the notebook heats up during operation.Considering the possibility of repairs needed on the basis of this.


first reason - failure of the cooler.He is an ordinary fan, which after a certain period of time begins to rattle, shattered mechanisms will not handle the load.Naturally, in such a situation, it is necessary to either replace the cooler, or fix it.

However, if the cooler is in order and regularly works at high speed, and the laptop heats up and off no matter what, either he shows his fault somehow differently, then the cause is different.

The most common reason why the laptop heats up, it is the accumulation of dust.Deal with it is very difficult, but necessary.The user should wipe the dust blown all the cracks, vacuuming ducts, then be able to reduce the overall temperature during operation.

Dust degrades heat, so computer components become less cool.So the removal of dust accumulations really important for users.

Another common cause - a high ambient temperature.On a hot summer day, the temperature inside the laptop can rise significantly, so difficult to cope with fans cooling.So, wondering why the laptop heats up, it would not hurt to check the conditions in which they have to use.

In addition, very often working with him on the bed - blankets, pillows, mattresses retain heat very well, when we sleep, but they are harmful to your computer.Sometimes we do not notice, as part of a blanket covering the main air holes.If so, it is better to find a more comfortable place to work or to arrange it so that nothing prevented.This will help special supports or computer tables.

temperature measurement

Particular attention should be paid to the method of determining the temperature.Diagnose "by eye" is only possible if the temperature is really high, and the volume of the fan is significant.

To measure the temperature will be useful special applications that can determine the temperature of the processor and other components - EVEREST, Core Temp, MBProbe.These tools help you determine what to do when the laptop is heated, and most importantly, they will help to identify the problem at an early stage, preventing the burning of an additional fee.