How to learn beautiful smile?

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Perhaps now we can not say exactly when mankind began to smile and for what purpose it was done.But one thing is clear - that in ancient times, that in our time, one smile can solve more problems than all the diplomatic and psychological tactics, combined.Smile - everlasting arms of both men and women, which can be mastered (literally) to melt the most frozen heart.That is why many people are interested in the question of how to learn beautiful smile?If you look at the stars on the cover of fashion magazines, it seems that they get a charming smile in itself, that the charm given to them by nature.But the situation is somewhat different.Above the image of the stars work image-makers, and the first thing they teach - how beautiful smile.But do not think that a beautiful smile - the inheritance of the elect.Learning this art everyone can.Of course, as in everything else, will have to make a fraction of effort and perseverance.

beautiful smile How to learn?

In fact, you can learn to smile nicely with the help of simple exercises.This so-called "fitness person."When a person smiles, facial muscles are very active.Our task - to show them how to work.Since the first task - to achieve a symmetrical smile, you stand in front of a mirror and smile.Then a critical look at themselves.Almost all people smile turns asymmetrical.Now try to correct the imbalances.Happened?Great!Now 7 seconds push his fingers into the corners of the lips, as if locking position.Release your fingers, count to seven.During this time, a smile should not be an abyss or warp again.Train as long as it's easy to keep a smile.Of course, it turns out to be not at once (and you have to be ready).As with any fitness, muscles need time to get used to the load.

How to learn to smile and beautiful to attract attention?

Paradoxically, the smile is not only a mechanical movement of the facial muscles.This is the first thing to learn the person to understand, how to learn to smile beautifully.Smile - it's a positive range of emotion, expressed through facial expressions.Therefore, without a corresponding emotions will not achieve a beautiful smile and pleasant.This smile, devoid of any mentality, not just ugly, it acts repulsive.This so-called "duty" smile, which often can be seen on the faces of the models, dancers, bank employees.These people are by nature of their profession must keep a smile on your face.As a result, they cease to invest emotions and the face is like a mask.How to avoid this?The answer lies on the surface.You just need to put more emotion.It's not as difficult as it seems.Beautiful smiling man learns clearly with a purpose.Use this purpose, but rather its image as motivation.If you need the ability to smile nicely for you to attract the opposite sex, then think of something spicy (and smile at the thought).Smile get alluring and mysterious.If you are training to enter into business agreements - imagine the benefits of cooperation and the same smile (this will turn out promising smile).But that is not all.It is important to remember that only a healthy smile can be truly beautiful.