Kisses in the neck as a way to awaken the passion

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What more to say about our feelings than a kiss?It is encouraging when we are sad.It soothes when we are anxious.He is able to awaken a volcano of passion, when we did not even expect.A kiss can be light and delicate, can be hot and sizzling.Kissing on the lips, cheeks and eyes - is a manifestation of the most tender feelings, a declaration of love without words.But the kisses in the neck, chest or abdomen are designed to inflame passion and desire.They increase the sensitivity and remove all psychological barriers.Correct kiss consciousness and is able to turn off the transfer partner in the unforgettable atmosphere of euphoria and pleasure.How to learn this hard science?If desired, all things are possible.

How to kiss a guy in the neck

Kissing neck Man may bring in a few seconds.It is proved that the guys prefer gentle and slow caresses.So she should not hurry and treat kiss lightly.

for thrills can hold his tongue on his neck Man, then gently pressed his lips in several places.

Make your partner feel the hot breath, it's incredibly exciting.Slowly explore the lips and tongue every centimeter neck loved.

And only when you feel that he began to hyperventilate and to show signs of strong excitation, go to a more passionate kiss.

How to kiss in the neck Woman

Girls, though considered a weak half, but kisses prefer to drive and even aggression.Most of the girls are crazy about kissing with a slight biting and sucking.Men should be actively moving language that will make a woman's heart beat faster.Kisses in the neck can be reduced girl crazy, give unforgettable emotions and sensations.The most sensitive areas are under the chin, around the earlobe and dimple near the nape of the neck.Finding himself in the mouth of these places, you will feel as like your partner.Start kissing her barely noticeable, every second adding confidence and assertiveness in the movement of his tongue and his lips.Gently pinch the skin of his teeth, play with it.Using these techniques, you are guaranteed to bring its beloved "kissing" orgasm.Women often describe their feelings as the discharge current running through the whole body.

Often people who are married for a long period of time, do not pay attention kisses.It is in vain!Kissing neck able to regain the feelings that were when the couple just beginning their relationship.Remind those moments of carefree sex and consuming, brings only joy and fun.Sometimes spontaneous, sometimes - well planned.Perhaps, if it be the first kiss in the neck, you will again feel young, energetic and passionate.Once again, give up feelings, and finally forget about all the mundane concerns.

Kisses in the neck - is a true means towards bliss, rapprochement and trust relationships between a man and a woman.Improve your technique kissing, listen to the wishes of the partner and enjoy each other.